Mira Rajput reveals why she is not inviting any celebrities for Misha's first birthday!

Mira Rajput reveals why she is not inviting any celebrities for Misha's first birthday!

There will be no Peppa Pig, no celebrity babies and no known faces at Misha's first birthday because mummy Mira has a unique plan.

Looks like preparations for Shahid Kapoor's daughter Misha's first birthday are in full swing. It was earlier speculated that the new parents were planning to throw a high profile celeb baby bash.

In fact, a war between Mira and Kareena almost ensued because of the clashing first birthday party themes for Misha and Taimur.

A popular daily reported that Mira apparently wants to organise a grand birthday party (on August 27) for her daughter who will turn one on the D-day. She has even been approached by British preschool animated television series, Peppa Pig for a theme party.

No Peppa Pig for Misha!

"When Kareena heard about it, she insisted on having the cartoon character and the same theme for Taimur's birthday on December 20. But since it's a few months away, Bebo wants to hold a meet-and-greet session with the cartoon figure when it comes to India," the source told the daily.

However, as it turns out, Mira is planning a completely different type of party for Misha.

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While revealing the exact details, Mira shared, "I really liked how we used to have birthdays when we were young. It was really small and intimate. Just very simple and that’s how both Shahid and I want to do it for Misha.”

The young mum added that she was actually planning a small picnic with just family members and no celebrities.

“I think we are going to go on a picnic. I think we are going to be travelling at that time with family. We just want a small little picnic in the park with my sister’s kids and my parents and Shahid’s parents and something that we remember,” said the new mum who is very close to both sides of the families.

And, no celebrities at Misha's birthday

The mum also pointed out the actual reason she is not interested in making it a high profile affair.

“I think birthday parties at such a young age, the child itself doesn’t know what’s happening and it gets very boring. I don’t want to put her through that and neither does Shahid and I think it’s a memory that all of us are going to enjoy. We are not going to be worried if she’s okay or if she’s getting scared. We want to celebrate her birth and keep it simple,” she explained.

Well said, Mira. We couldn't agree more.

While first birthdays are a big deal, more so for the new parents, it really is an occasion the child doesn't really understand as yet. So keeping it simple is certainly a great way to go. However, if you are in the process of planning your baby's first birthday, here are some handy tips to get you started.

5 things to remember while planning your baby's first birthday party

  • Separate breastfeeding and diaper changing areas: Make sure to prepare a place to change your baby's diaper and that it is clean and well-equipped for diaper emergencies. Also, you would need a space to breastfeed your baby and so it must be private and comfortable for you as well as for your baby.
  • Childproof the area: If you are organising the party in an enclosed space or even a park, make sure to demarcate the areas where your chid can crawl or try to walk. If you can possibly childproof the area, go for it. And make sure to stow away breakable and small toys.
  • Let the babies play together: If you're inviting other babies as well, make sure to keep them all playing together and fence the play pen for their own safety. Also make sure to keep pets away.
  • Don't forget the photographer: Even if you want to keep it simple and plain, these are memories that you will cherish forever. And the best way to do is to hire a professional photographer. After all your baby will turn one only once!
  • Relax and enjoy: As much as it can stress you out, your baby's first birthday is also a time for you to rejoice and celebrate as a new parent. It is a milestone for you as well.  So relax and enjoy the day with your baby.

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