This 11-year-old is selling passwords to make money. Read how...

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Mira Modi from New York is using a complex system to generate passwords which will give hackers some tough time

For Mira Modi, a sixth grader, protecting her virtual world is as important as protecting the real one. And the need has prompted the sixth grader from New York to come up with dicewarepasswords, a website which sells cryptographically protected passwords for $2 (Rs 130).

Unique, isn't it? Mira's programme of password selection works by rolling a dice to have a combination of numbers. These numbers are then matched to a list of English words. This set up makes it difficult to code.

"This whole concept of making your own passwords and being super secure and stuff, I don't think my friends understand that, but I think it's cool," Mira told Arstechnica in an interview.

We agree, Mira!

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