7 messages a married man should never send

7 messages a married man should never send

Married life is different from one’s life as a single person. Once you get married, there are things you once did before are no longer all right to do.

Married life is different from one’s life as a single person; responsibilities shift, roles are reestablished. Once you get married, there are things you once did before are no longer all right to do.

That’s why as a husband it’s important to keep your messaging habits in check. You may think that what you’re sending to other people is considered innocent and harmless, but they could possibly ruin your marriage.

These are seven messages a married man should never send.

1. Checking up on your ex-lover

It doesn’t matter if you’ve gotten over them for a long time, or if they were the one who messaged you first. This is a person you once loved, and such feelings can come back and complicate things with your wife. The past should stay in the past.

2. Complaining about your wife

Marital issues are a private matter, and should remain so. You may think it’s okay to whine about your wife to her sister or brother, for example, but it’s not. Worse still is if you’re venting your frustrations to your friends, who have no business knowing such things. If you’re frustrated with your wife, the best course of action is to talk about it with her in a healthy manner.

3. Obsessively texting a friend

This becomes more troublesome if you’re sending more text to your friend than you do your wife. It shows that you are more invested in what they have to say, and that is not a good sign in any marriage.

4. Messages sent from a secret messaging app

Although absolute transparency in any marriage is not ideal, and keeping things to yourself is at times even healthy, going to such lengths to keep certain messages private is a sign that you’re feeling guilty about something. If that’s the case, then you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.

5. Angry messages

Arguments between couples happen, but it is never okay for either party to send messages out of anger. In the heat of the moment it is easy to say things with the express purpose of hurting, only for it to be regretted later, once we’ve cooled down.

6. Flirty texts

This one is a no brainer. If you’re married, your only object of affection should be your wife. Otherwise, engaging in such conversations is called cheating.

7. Sexually explicit images

If there’s anything anyone can learn from the digital age, it is that information spreads fast, and once you put it out there, it can never be taken down. Even if you’re only sending it to your wife, your images can be shared to anyone. If you’re feeling sexy and you want your wife to know, there’s a right time and place for it.

This post is based on Amberlee Lovell’s Family Share article.

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