28-year-old MBA graduate hangs herself after being 'beaten' repeatedly for dowry

28-year-old MBA graduate hangs herself after being 'beaten' repeatedly for dowry

Deepensha Sharma was an MBA, MCom and was pursuing her BEd. She also had 1.5-year-old baby girl. But sadly she was pushed beyond limits!

Just weeks after the 20-year-old new bride Salsha committed suicide after being constantly harassed by her in-laws for dowry, a 28-year-old MBA graduate from Delhi hanged herself for the same reason.

And the most shocking part is that she was a mother to a one-and-a-half-year-old baby girl!

The East Delhi resident Deepensha Sharma was not just an MBA, but also held an MCom degree and was pursuing BEd since she wanted to get a government job.

While many educated people would be more than happy to have such a well-educated girl in their home, her academic excellence sadly meant nothing to her in-laws.

How the torture started?

Sharma got married in 2014, and at the time she was working as an assistant professor at a college in Greater Noida. However, her husband who works in a technical team of a news channel allegedly forced her to quit her job.

"My daughter was working as a professor in a Greater Noida institute. But they made her quit her job citing inconvenience and how it was not good for her. Instead, they asked her to look for a government job," her father Rakesh Sharma told PTI.

Deepensha's father also added that she was physically and mentally harassed by her in-laws regularly.

"Deepensha would come to us after being mentally and physically harassed by her in-laws. However, they would always convince us that they will not make any further demands," he said adding that she actually wanted to pursue PhD, but her husband asked to do BEd instead.

Husband refused to provide for basic needs

Unfortunately for her, her husband not only forced her to pursue something he wanted, he also reportedly refused to fund her education or provide for her basic needs. He instead asked her to request her father to do the needful.

“I would keep giving her Rs 20,000-25,000 from time to time. The birth of her daughter around two years ago did not change her husband’s behaviour,” he shared.

He even gave Rs 12,000 during Rakhshabandhan and Deepansha's in-laws were quite upset with the 'low' amount.

And on the fateful Monday evening he received a call from her in-laws informing him that his daughter has locked herself inside her room and refused to come out.

28-year-old MBA graduate hangs herself after being 'beaten' repeatedly for dowry

By the time he reached her place and the door was forced open, she had already hanged herself.

Following her death, a case under section 304B (dowry death) of the IPC, which is punishable with a maximum term of life imprisonment was registered. And her husband as well as father-in-law were detained for the same.

While it is difficult to comment on the last straw that pushed her to take her own life leaving behind a young child, one thing is clear, Deepansha perhaps felt helpless and no longer wanted to shame her own parents.

Dowry deaths only increasing in 'educated' urban India!

Unfortunately, the numbers of dowry deaths in our country continue to rise, especially in the capital.

Inspite of stringent laws and orders by the Supreme Court to treat daughters-in-law like family and not housemaids, many women continue to face the wrath of greedy in-laws.

As per the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), in 2015 "as many as 7,634 women died in the country due to dowry harassment," quoted a daily.

And as per Delhi Police, as many as 31 women died of dowry harassment only in the national capital.

These shocking numbers are a brutal reminder of how we treat our daughters-in-law. We are forced by law to treat them as normal humans and the sad part is that the conviction rate in most dowry deaths is less than 35 percent.

Only time will tell if daughters-in-law will ever experience freedom that is often bestowed on sons-in-law.

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