10 super easy ways to have the most amazing maternity shoot!

10 super easy ways to have the most amazing maternity shoot!

"With maternity sessions, I always recommend after 32 weeks or 8th month," advises celebrity maternity shoot photographer, Anega Bawa

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! In a few months from now, you’ll be holding your baby in your arms, cradling it to sleep and adoring his gorgeous toes and fingers.

But for now, your body is almost like a temple you have to worship; and it’s a time you will cherish for the rest of your life. No wonder then, it is wise to capture this special time through a maternity shoot. You get to preserve the memories of this beautiful time in your life and a pregnancy shoot does exactly that.

“I personally feel that we owe it to our children to exist in photos for them,” says India’s ace celebrity maternity shoot photographer, Anega Bawa, who spoke exclusively to Indusparent.


Image courtesy: Anega Bawa

More Indian mums want to have a maternity shoot

Bawa, who has worked with clients including Kunal Bahl (CEO, Snapdeal) and even designers Sonal Kalra Ahuja and Pooja Shroff, explains that more and more Indian mums are coming forward to opt for maternity shoots.

“I feel that the number of maternity sessions have more than doubled since the last year,” says the 31-year-old mum adding that even urban fathers are pitching in. “We are seeing more and more metropolitan dads getting involved, but it’s still driven by mums-to-be,” she adds.

The cost of a maternity shoot in India could start anywhere from Rs 5,000 and go upto Rs 45,000 per shoot. This includes costumes, props and even the studio cost.

Why you should opt for female photographers

The ace photographer also makes a case for why hiring a female photographer can work in the favour of an expecting mother. She also advises on why a couple must hire a professional for a maternity shoot.


Image courtesy: Anega Bawa

“I would like to say that they (couples) should hire a professional and not ask a friend or family to take some photos. You would not ask a friend to take your wedding photos, right? Hire someone who knows what they are doing. I feel that women photographers are always a better option as they understand women better. Also, weather in cities like Delhi is mean most of the times, so avoid outdoor shoots as the logistics like dress changes and ogling onlookers for a mum-to-be in the last trimester can be bit daunting and tiring,” she explains.

But what should you remember when you head to a maternity shoot?

Continue reading to see the ideal month you should opt for a maternity shoot and the reason why mums should be accompanied only by their husbands! 

Bawa explains that she uses special dresses, amazing hand-painted backdrops and some posing techniques, along with some camera magic to make it all come together. “I don’t do themes or cliché props for maternity. I try to keep it chic and elegant,” she reiterates.

Ideal month to opt for a maternity shoot

But she says that the most important thing to remember is the time or the month when a couple should go for a maternity shoot.

“With maternity sessions, it’s always as-late-as-possible, until-you-are-comfortable. I always recommend after 32 weeks or 8th month, so always the last trimester,” she says.

maternity shoot

Image courtesy: Anega Bawa

So what are some of the most important dos and don’t to remember while going for a maternity shoot? Bawa lists them for us.


  1. Try to think of this as a fun session and just be yourself.
  2. Discuss your dress and style options with your photographer in advance
  3. Keep father-to-be in loop about the session details, and do let him know in advance about his wardrobe needs and you can make him talk to the photographer if he has any specific questions.
  4. Discuss your hair and makeup with the photographer.
  5. If you have existing children, don’t forget to mention about them to the photographer and also discuss their styling.
maternity shoot

Image courtesy: Anega Bawa


  1. Only go with your husband. If you have existing children, maybe take along someone for help, but tell them in advance that they will not be part of the session and that they should not interfere with photographer’s work. Don’t invite friends!
  2. Never take photos with your phone or other camera. This will offend the photographer.
  3. If you change wardrobe or anything, let the photographer know
  4. If you have a specific request, let the photographer know in advance, so that they are prepared. Don’t do last minute changes as it may throw photographer off the track.
  5. Don’t forget to eat and drink every other hour so that you stay energetic.

Most importantly Bawa says that a maternity shoot must always be a couple’s choice and if they are apprehensive they must talk it out with a photographer. Just as she does for couples who approach her.

“I never want to push people for a maternity session. It is something that they should want. I can just say that if you are avoiding a maternity session because you feel that you will not look your best or if you think that you are not an in-front-of-camera person, the photographer (I) can change that for you,” she says.

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(Images courtesy: Anega Bawa)

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