Mark Zuckerberg SHARES vaccination photo of daughter on Facebook: Do we LIKE it?

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Mark Zuckerberg recently shared an image on Facebook announcing his decision to vaccinate his baby daughter, sparking a myriad of responses.

Mark Zuckerberg recently posted an adorable photograph of his baby girl on a visit to get vaccinated. His decision to get Maxima vaccinated amidst the current anti-vaccination movement has invited a flow of encouragement and support to his Facebook post.

Vaccinations were believed to be linked to autism and a range of other health risks.

While being poked by needles is not a pleasant experience, there are no proven health risks of getting your child vaccinated. In fact, vaccinations are important to your child as they help to prevent a number of serious diseases over their life time.

While most users congratulate the Facebook mogul on his decision to vaccinate his daughter, some people have picked up on Maxima's attire.

The baby girl is dressed up in a colourful coat (or a onesie) that had users such as Mike Issac asking whether the onesie comes in an adult size.

So, even though his fashion sense may be a little questionable to some, we can be sure that he is grounded when it comes to his child's safety... and you should be too!

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