Manish is a few years younger than my father: Avika Gor

Manish is a few years younger than my father: Avika Gor

Balika Badhu's Anandi aka Avika Gor opens about her relationship with co-star and good friend Manish Raisinghan.

After months of speculation, Avika Gor aka Anandi of Ballika Badhu fame has finally broken her silence on her alleged relationship with co-star and good friend Manish Raisinghan.

And unlike common perception, the truth is that she is NOT in a relationship with Manish. Breaking her silence about her affair, Avika told a leading daily, "Manish is just few years younger than my father, so there is no scope for any romantic involvement. We share a unique bond of friendship, which is inexplicable. It is based on understanding, respect, honesty and maturity."

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Avika also added that they are the best of friends and share a bond that is above all these dirty rumours.

"We are BFFs and he is a strong support system. I call him Shin Chan (the popular comic character) and he calls me Mitzi (Shin Chan’s mother) till date.We have maintained our friendship in a dignified way till now. We are good friends and will always be, but I have no intention to date Manish," she added.


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Even Manish opened up to the daily and said that he was deeply affected by the rumours and would often be disappointed.

“The gossip affected me in the beginning and I was stupid enough to maintain a distance from Avika. I became conscious and irritable during that phase. The rumour made me sick. But later, I realised that if my intentions are clear, why should I treat her any differently? I have never dated her; she is almost half my age. We are compatible, but I have never seen her that way. Anyway, such loose talks don’t affect me anymore and we meet for work now," he said.


Three reasons why every girl needs a guy best friend

Avika and Manish are popularly known as 'Rosid', a nickname that has been derived by combining Roli and Siddharth, their character names in Sasural Simar Ka. Their relationship is proof that every girl perhaps needs a boy best friend. Here's why:

1. They give you a new perspective: Since they are of the opposite gender they offer a whole new perspective to your problems which is way different from what your girl pals must have suggested. So in a way it helps you understand both sides of the issue.

2. They are less emotional: Let's admit it, having a boy as a best friend means having a less emotional and dramatic and perhaps more of a practical relationship.

3. They let you be easy and carefree: With boys, you can do things that you can't with your gal pals such as riding a bike or a car or, maybe, even try out the new video game.  That's a refreshing change for sure!

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