Mandira Bedi's solo trip to Manali is giving us serious travel goals!

Mandira Bedi's solo trip to Manali is giving us serious travel goals!

From the beaches for Maldives where she was earlier chilling with her family, she is now on a solo trip to the picturesque locales of Manali

She is a fitness enthusiast, an actor, a sports commentator, a working mum and now a solo traveller. Is there anything the gorgeous Mandira Bedi cannot do?

After launching her own line of sarees and following that up with a blockbuster line of resort wear called Salt, Mandira Bedi is exploring the road less travelled. As a solo trekking mum.

From the beaches for Maldives where she was earlier chilling with her family, she is now on a solo trip to the picturesque locales of Manali.

In fact, not one to hide anything, Bedi shared her experiences with her 'travelling cup' on her social media accounts. Now all her fans and aspiring mums are privy to her adventurous trip as well and hopefully, will also be inspired.

Poster girl for fitness

Bedi, 44, has been the posted child for fitness for quite sometime and was especially noticed after the birth of her son, Vir.

"When I got pregnant, I used to weigh 50-52 kilos. I used to feel good about myself at that time. But by the time I delivered my baby, I put on 20-22 kilos. Everyone around me used to tell me that since it took me 9 months to put on weight, the extra kilos will go away only after working out for 9 months. But I gave myself the challenge of losing my post-natal weight in 6 months. In that period, I continued to breastfeed my baby. I also controlled my diet and exercised a lot twice a day till I achieved my fitness goal." she mentioned in an interview.

However, that was the past. Today, Bedi is as fit as a fiddle and walking the miles is no longer a big deal for her.

"Fitness is very important for me. I have been exercising for 8-9 years. And I make sure to workout 5-6 days a week on an average. I also eat sensibly. That’s what keeps me fit," she added.

This maybe her first exploration trip solo, but she does have a close companion- her "cup that travels."

This trip is a part of a show for History TV 18, which requires her to travel and she is clearly making the most of this adventure.

Continue reading to Mandira Bedi's strict yet easy diet regime that even you can follow.

Bedi's advice to working mums

Revealing how she lost all this weight that enables her now to travel solo, she said, "It is all about making time for exercise. Earlier I used to go to the gym and spend 1.5 hours there working out but now I have stopped that practice as my time is very precious."

Is that my conscience on my shoulder.. Or a colourful pahaadi woman? ???????? #Manali

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She adds, "Now, in the basement of my house, I have opened an mini-gym for myself by buying some weights, skipping rope and a stepper etc. I have developed a circuit routine consisting of cardio and strength training which I follow religiously for 40 minutes. So my point is that we can adapt to any change in our environment if we really want to say fit. The key is to make time for workout."

As far as her fitness icon is concerned, she says "For me, women who are strong and fit are iconic." Touché!

After this trip, we are positive she will be a fitness icon for many working mums in India.

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