WOW! Mandira Bedi's post pregnancy transformation pic will SHOCK you!

WOW! Mandira Bedi's post pregnancy transformation pic will SHOCK you!

The gorgeous mummy shared a picture of her pre and post pregnancy and it went viral within minutes!

Mandira Bedi is known for her being a hot and happening mummy and one who never fails to miss her fitness sessions.

Recently, the yummy mum of five-year-old boy Vir shared a pre and post pregnancy picture and we must say that we were surprised at the way she has transformed herself.

Check out the picture that Mandira shared with her fans on social media yesterday. She captioned the picture: "With my Vir in the tummy...To post becoming mummy."


Doesn't she look amazing? Getting a body like that needs lots of hard work and an added amount of patience and Mandira is someone who never shies away from that. Her social media timeline has enough proofs of the way she works out, come rain or storm.


However, if you ask Mandira there's no secret to her fabulous body and says that she has never visited a nutritionist all her life. Even though Mandira had put on 22 kilos during her pregnancy, she lost it within the first six months.

Mandira's fitness tips for new mums

In an exclusive interview to theindusparent, the 24 actress had shared, "There is no secret. You have to control your diet, you have to eat healthily and all the right things. This is no rocket science. I have never ever been to a nutritionist."


Mandira also said that she lost all her pregnancy weight within the first six months. "I had put on 22 kilos during my pregnancy, but I lost all of it within the first six months. This is one tip that somebody shared with me. If you wait too long to keep that weight on, it stays on. Because your body is not used to that weight. That is not your body’s base weight and you need to do something before your body adjusts to the new base weight," she adds.

She also admits that she has cheat days too and she likes to indulge once in a while.

"I eat healthy. I am vegetarian. I do have my cheat days but I compensate on the days that follow. And I exercise 5-6 days a week," said Mandira.

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