THIS simple diet is what keeps Mandira Bedi looking super svelte and fit!

THIS simple diet is what keeps Mandira Bedi looking super svelte and fit!

Yummy mummy Mandira Bed shares that her simple diet has helped her maintain a svelte figure for years!

Mandira Bedi is clearly a multitasker. She started her career as a actor and swiftly added another profession to her kitty- that of a cricket commentator, a job that is highly male-dominated in India. And then she moved on to add the tag of a fashion designer to her list.

She achieved all this along with managing her home and raising a young son with her husband. And even with pulling off a balancing act with so many jobs at hand, Bedi manages to look smashing, thanks to her keen interest in fitness.

Among the many hats she wears, she loves the one that reads 'fitness enthusiast,' because she truly is one. It was because of this enthusiasm that she managed to loose close to about 22 kilos post pregnancy.

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She simply followed these two exercise routines to achieve her desired body. But these regimes can give the best result when coupled with healthy, clean and simple diet.

And she recently shared (in a video interview) what she eats in a day to reveal how she maintains her skinny frame.

What Mandira Bedi eats in a day to remain slim and fit!

In the morning Bedi wakes up and the first thing she has is an apple cider vinegar in hot water. "My skin has improved vastly because of it," she adds.

"This is followed by black coffee with a tea spoon of coconut oil in it. It's almost like an exotic cocktail," she says. Bedi then has a piece of fruit, which acts a fuel for her workout. "Because the days that I do workout, I workout in the morning, the first half of the day," she explains.

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Post workout is followed by a cold coffee and sometimes eggs or toast. "But that doesn't happen very often," she adds.

As for the meals during the Bedi says that while for some people eating after every two hour works for their body, she only eats when she is hungry.

A simple lunch and dinner

"Invariably my hunger times are in the morning and at lunch hours where I eat daal, subzi and roti. Then at 5 pm I feel like eating a snack. And I eat dinner most days at 7.30 with my son. Even if am going out I prefer to eat by 8.30pm," she says.

"For dinner also I eat daal, subzi and roti. There is no rocket science in my food eating habits," she points.

But she does add that while she always snacks in the evening, that is the one meal she has to be extremely careful about.

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"I have to take care of my 5 pm snack time because that is the time I could eat something wrong. So I try to keep healthy snacks around me. I keep kurmura around me, or makhana or different kinds of soya nuts and lentils or puffed items, rather than a bag potato chips," says the 45-year-old.

"I don't take supplements or fat burners"

Bedi also adds that one must avoid supplements and concentrate on eating clean and getting their strength from natural foods.

"I don't take supplements or fat burners. I try to take my protein sources from natural sources. People think because you workout you can eat anything. It doesn't work like that. You have to take care of what you eat," she explains.

Quirky tweaks in Bedi's food

Bedi explains that she has added a few things to her diet that help her remain active through the day.

"The only tweaks are that I add olive oil or ghee in my food. I am not a rice eater, I prefer wheat. I like barely and oats. So those are my preferences," she says.

She also adds that the key is motivation.

"I am very self-motivated. I don't even workout with a trainer. When I was carrying my son I put on 22 kilos in addition to my normal weight. And my motivation at that point was that I have so many lovely pairs of jeans and so many beautiful clothes, I just want my wardrobe back. That was my motivation. So I had my pregnancy wardrobe and I had my 26 inch waistline wardrobe. I bought myself no clothes in between. Because I wanted to dump my pregnancy wardrobe and get into my previous wardrobe. So that was my motivation then," she says.

But now her motivation is different.

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"Now my motivation is that I am in a good space as far as my fitness is concerned and I just want to stay there. I am in my 40s right now and I feel I am in my healthiest and fittest right now. And I think my metabolism is rocking and it hasn't slowed down at all. Because my responds to good diet and exercise the way I wanted to. And now  feel fitness exercise apart from the way I look, it's there for my mental balance, stability and emotional well-being," says the fit yummy mummy.

But how can one get those Mandira Bedi abs?

Bedi dishes her secret.

"Yes, you have to work on your abs, but you have to add cardio. It is what keeps the weight off. So you can see the hardwork that you've done as far as the abs are concerned," she says adding that her advice to all women is have small goals.

"It's never too late to get into fitness. It's never too late to start exercising. So if you have a big amount of weight to lose, don't look at that amount. You have go tot look at small weights. Give yourself small goals. Then you move to the next step," she says.

We couldn't agree more. Loosing weight and having a svelte figure is all about balance and with these handy tips one can certainly achieve the body balance akin Bedi.

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