Shocking! Six months after her wedding, Mandana Karimi thrown out by in-laws

Shocking! Six months after her wedding, Mandana Karimi thrown out by in-laws

Allegedly! Here's what happened with Mandana Karimi.

On January 25 this year, ex-Bigg Boss contestant and Iranian export Mandana Karimi made a big reveal on her Twitter handle.

She announced that she had a 'surreal' court marriage to her long-time beau Gaurav Gupta and the couple were all set to celebrate it with with their close friends and family.

Two months following that tweet, the happy couple tied the knot in a grand wedding.

They were so excited with their 'happily-ever-after' that they shared pictures of their wedding ceremonies on Instagram, invited the who's who of the film and television industry including Shahid and Mira Rajout Kapoor and even deviced a hashtag (#mangoesgupta) for their big day!

But alas! Their fairytale love story seems to have reached a very early end. Yes, you read that right.

Shocking! Six months after her wedding, Mandana Karimi thrown out by in-laws

Karimi files a case of domestic violence against husband

If the shocking reports are to be believed, Karimi has allegedly filed a case of domestic violence against her husband. The model-turned-actor stated in her report that she came to India in 2012 and met her now husband through common friends.

The 31-year-old also added that after dating for quite some time the two got engaged in July 2016 and married each other in January this year. However, she said that she was asked to quit her career and be a homemaker by her husband and in-laws.

This comes as quite a shock because till a few weeks back Mandana was posting throwback pictures from her wedding.

Shocking! Six months after her wedding, Mandana Karimi thrown out by in-laws

To add to her misery (based on the report) she said that even her in-laws harassed and insulted her.

In-laws throw her out of the house!

In fact, she also alleged harassment by her mother-in-law who reportedly barred her from entering the house and threw her out 7 weeks back.

The daily also reported that Karimi tried to reconcile with her husband and her in-laws but they wouldn't allow her back home. So at the moment she is staying in a service apartment in Mumbai.

Her lawyer has apparently taken up the case and will be fighting it in the court of law. The daily also stated that Karimi has sought Rs 10 lakh per as monthly maintenance and Rs 2 crore as compensation and the hearing will be held at a Mumbai court on July 15.

Cryptic messages reveal the truth?

The shocking details of her alleged harassment came after she posted a series of cryptic messaged on her Instagram account that hinted at a serious problem in her marriage.

Now only time will tell whether this fairy tale will last or the once much-in-love couple will get a divorce. However, at this juncture it is important to mention that every marriage goes through several trials and tribulations but there are some basic things that can keep it up and running.

3 things that will always keep you and your partner together

These might look so repetitive and heard of, but trust us these are the only three things you'll actually need for your marriage to work.

  • Mutual respect: You may be best friends with your partner, but if you do not give them any respect you won't get any either. Respect is such a simple thing, yet sometimes so difficult if ego comes into play. So let it all go and respect the fact that your partner is leaving everything to be with you.
  • Personal space: You may think that marriage means having to spend 24x7 with your partner. But no! Absolutely not true. Apart from the personal (meeting friends and family) and professional commitments, your partner also needs time to be with themselves, to introspect. And for that they need to be left alone sometimes. And even if they don't, perhaps you do.
  • Honesty and truth: It is so easy to lie your way out of situations, but it takes a whole lot of courage to be honest. Whether it comes to your feelings towards your in-laws or your expectations from the marriage, try to come clean with your partner so there is more transparency in your relationship.

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