'Sumit Sambhal Lega' star Manasi Parekh lost her pregnancy weight in flat 3 months!

'Sumit Sambhal Lega' star Manasi Parekh lost her pregnancy weight in flat 3 months!

New mum Manasi Parekh just used two simple ways to shed all the baby weight naturally.

Congratulations are in order!

After 10 years of blissful married life, television star Manasi Parekh is finally experiencing the joys of motherhood. The Sumit Sambhal Lega actor gave birth to baby girl Nirvi last November and has been on cloud nine ever since.

The 31-year-old is married to playback singer Parthiv Gohil and is an avid singer herself. In fact, she has been posting several videos of herself singing to her baby girl. But what has really caught everybody's attention is her dramatic post pregnancy weight loss.

Parekh's amazing post pregnancy weight loss story

The petite actor is back to her pre-baby body and she is finally sharing exactly what worked for her! In her most recent video she demonstrated how a new mum can exercise with an active baby around.

Along with the video she wrote: "This post was too cute to remain just in my instastories.. have started working out with #nirvi and will be putting up exercises that i do with her ... babies are around all the time might as well put them to good use (emoticon) also #nirvi is 8 kilos so that's enough weight training if it's done correctly.. (emoticon)#workout #nirvi #fitmom (sic)."

Post-delivery weight loss plan

This wasn't all. The actor also explained how she lost her pregnancy weight, the exercises she did and how she ate consciously through an Instagram post.

She posted a picture of herself posing in a gown she used to wear before pregnancy.

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Along with this picture (above), which she posted in early March, almost three months after her delivery, she wrote: "The first reaction I got when people saw me in this black gown was "My gosh! You don't look like a mother!" And that's funny cos somehow people expect a mother to be frumpy and unkempt.. Another one I keep getting is " Do you eat? How have you lost weight so soon"?"

She then went on to explain the process of using just two simple ways: eating right and exercising.

"Let me tell you, I have 4 meals a day as I am feeding my baby. But I also practise yoga and I workout as I believe in being fit. And it did feel good getting back into my gown but I wouldn't have had any issue even if I didn't fit in, because my baby didn't cry all night, she laughed and danced with me and that's all that matters! End of story."

The gorgeous new mum has been regular with her yoga session and Kiegel exercises during her pregnancy and shared several pictures and anecdotes during her nine-month journey on Instagram as well.

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The telly mum is certainly an inspiration to all expecting mums and even those new mums who are looking to lose weight. Her mantra has been simple, keep yourself fit during pregnancy so you can lose weight easily after that.

No wonder she looks just as fabulous just three months after pregnancy as she did before!

However, if you are struggling to lose post-pregnancy weight, here's a lowdown on how you can begin.

3 ways to start a simple post-pregnancy weight loss regime

  • Exercise: The expert as well as the new mum revealed that walking is the best form of exercise post pregnancy and clubbed with simple yoga asanas, it can be immensely beneficial to shed pregnancy weight.
  • Opt for an Indian diet: They also revealed that instead of trying to follow a crash diet or western diets, new Indian mums should include desi superfoods in their diet. This includes, ghee, jaggery, dals and lentils, bajra and even rice.
  • Give time to your body: New mums must remember that rushing into getting back into shape is not the ideal way to lose weight. In fact, it can lead to more disorders.

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