How I managed my greying, unruly hair with desi solutions during pregnancy

How I managed my greying, unruly hair with desi solutions during pregnancy

I am sharing with you a few of my best-kept-secrets (well, until now) because a mum-to-be deserves to feel beautiful

Okay ladies, so let's get down to the harsh truth. Despite the talks of pregnancy giving you that glow and making you feel ecstatic, the fact remains that being pregnant also makes you feel sick, unattractive and low in self-esteem.

Let's give you my example. When I was pregnant, I was that overtly careful mom-to-be who avoided all those unwanted chemicals from my life.

Hair care during pregnancy

All those sulphate rich shampoos and soaps with parabens were getting swapped with all natural remedies. But when it came to hair care during pregnancy, I was really at my wits' end on how to make it look smooth and lustrous without any chemicals and artificial straightening process.

benefits of cucumber

During this phase I experimented with a number of natural keep-hair-healthy solutions and with some of them I really struck gold. I am sharing with you a few of my best-kept-secrets (well, until now) for hair care durng pregnancy because a mum-to-be deserves to feel beautiful without compromising on the baby's health.

Avocado mash

Once a week, I would bring home a ripe avocado and mash it into a super creamy paste. Avocado with its superfood properties nourished my hair inside out and left it feeling so soft and silky that not even the most expensive shampoo or conditioner has made me feel. Try it out and believe me you will be addicted to life.

Grey hair solution

If pregnancy hormones were not enough to send my mood in a tizzy; there was something more that I discovered around the time. A couple of my hair near the sideburns were greying.

Honestly, it did freak me out. I mean, I was in my early thirties and not yet a mum and I was already experiencing greying hair. My doctor explained that this may just be a temporary phase induced by pregnancy. But I didn't want to take any chances.

Obviously, chemical hair colours were out of questions so I did the next best thing for my hair care during pregnancy. I resorted to a solution my grandmother used to practice back when I was a kid. So, every morning I would brew some water with tea leaves. I would strain this liquid and let it cool and used it as a final rinse for my hair.

It gave my hair a sheen while gradually coating my hair with a nice dark brown tint. If you have a few grey strands like me, this is the solution just tailor-made for you.

Soft water

Have you ever thought what difference the water you use on your hair can make? Well, lots. Sometimes we do not even realize that the water we use to wash our hair from the taps could be hard water.

Hard water strips the hair of its natural shine and gives unruly texture. A lot of hair problems can be solved by just switching to drinking water to wash your hair.

I started this practice of hair care during pregnancy and the results are so spectacular that it is unlikely that I am giving it up anytime soon.

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