Daughter-in-law Malaika Arora Khan believes that women should not be dictated about everything!

Daughter-in-law Malaika Arora Khan believes that women should not be dictated about everything!

Actor and mum Malaika Arora Khan is living life by her own terms and makes a truly valid point for women across the country

It is a universally known fact that being a daughter-in-law in India is no mean feat. Unless your in-laws are exceptionally loving, every Indian bahu has to fight her own personal battles and in most cases, adjust according to her new family.

But should a woman really only live by the rules others make for her? Absolutely not, or so champions Maliaka Arora Khan.

The actress who recently separated from her husband of 18 years has been living life on her own terms. In fact, in a recent interview she revealed that even though society has created some rules to live by, it doesn't mean one must be dictated those terms.

"We should be able to say what we want"

While speaking to a leading daily, the yummy mummy shared, "Everybody is so guarded. There is a certain amount of just being yourself that is robbed off everyday purely because there is so much of scrutiny.... There is a constant glare, and that is the whole point. We live in a democratic society and we should be able to say what we want and to be what we want."

She also added that people should not dictate their own rules on others, especially women.

"Yes, there are certain norms that you have to follow when living in the society, but that doesn't mean I need to be dictated or told," said Khan who is currently living in a separate home (from her husband).

The couple who are currently negotiating the terms of their divorce are still friendly with each other and Malaika even accompanied the Khan'daan' to her sister-in-law Arpita's son's first birthday. However,

"Just be in touch with yourself"

Malaika who has is juggling her roles as a successful entrepreneur, a fitness enthusiast and a reality television judge says that she believes that women should unleash your wild side and embrace it.

"I need to be able to have my own thought process, I need to be able to think and be the person who I am without someone telling how I should live my life. Letting go and being yourself and unleashing your wild side is an integral part of everybody," she shared, adding "In short, just be in touch with yourself."

We completely agree because that's the only way to live life by one's own terms. In saying this, Malaika Arora Khan has once again stirred the conversation of women emancipation and what we need to teach our girls about it.

3 life-lessons our daughters must learn

  • Don't be a damsel in distress: Just as Malaika proved with her actions, a girl doesn't have to be a damsel in distress. Instead, she can just be a strong damsel who doesn't need a Prince Charming to help her in distress. Enroll your daughters in self-defense classes and help them defend themselves.
  • Empower yourself with progressive thoughts: We must also teach our girls to not discriminate against anybody based on caste, creed, sex or religion and not in the constitutional sense. Lead by example and explain why we must respect everybody's life choices.
  • Uplift other women: This is an important life-lessons we must teach our girls. As opposed to taking criticism by the same gender as negative, we must take it as constructive feedback and work to better ourselves.

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