Popular jodi Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali are clearly meant to be together! Here's why

Popular jodi Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali are clearly meant to be together! Here's why

By their own admission, Mahhi Vij and husband Jay Bhanushali share a great friendship and have tremendous respect for each other's families

There is no doubt that popular television actors Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali are the cutest telly couple. By their own admission, they share a great friendship and have tremendous respect for each other's families.

So much so that, Vij's frequent travel companion is not her doting husband but her mum-in-law. She addresses her as her "best friend" and is usually seen with her during her overseas trips.

"Travelling with your family strengthens bonds and it is always very comfortable. They know you very well and you know what kind of places would they like to travel. You end up feeling a lot secure with your parents or your husband is travelling with you,” she once said, reiterating her closeness to her husband's family.

But this is not the first time the telly jodi has stolen our hearts with their grounded upbringing and strong bond. They have managed to win everybody over with their loving antics and a visibly self-assured marriage.

And that's why we feel that telly's popular bahu Mahhi Vij and beta Jay Bhanushali, who tied the knot in 2011, are so meant to be together.

#1 A strong friendship is the foundation of their marriage

In an interview Vij shared that the couple's secret to a happy marriage is not just the love they share between them, but also a strong bond of friendship.

"You need to be friends after marriage too, talk about everything and have fun, to make your journey beautiful," she said.

#2 They are appreciative of each other

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During the same interview, Bhanushali spilled the beans on how caring and loving his wife really is and that he truly appreciates her devotion towards him.

"Mahhi is a very good housewife. She's caring, loving, her life begins and ends with me. I would like to change that, she thinks too much about me, more than anyone else. If I make a plan, she cancels all her plans to come with me. I want her to take care of herself too," he said.

Continue reading to see those other cute things that this beautiful couple does for each that make them so perfect!

#3 It's all about loving the family for them

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While Vij is close to her mum-in-law, Bhanushali also spends ample time with his in-laws and both seem to enjoy doing so. And this is also the reason that their different cultures have not been a hindrance in their relationship.

"For me it wasn’t much of a problem (adjusting in the new family) because we were never compelled to follow any rituals or traditions," says Vij.

She also added that both the mums are quite comfortable with each other and that makes life easier for Jay and her. Vij is certainly setting an example for many daughters-in-law and mothers-in-law who are unable to gel with each other.

#4 They go for vacations and keep the spark alive

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One would think that five years of marriage would make this couple complacent, but it is far from the truth. The loving couple very much understand the importance a break together and often head out for short vacations.

"Every six months go for small vacation, that will make bond strong and get to know each other better," says Bhanushali (in the same interview). And we couldn't agree more!

#5 They live in the moment and work on the present

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The beautiful couple who were reportedly planning to become parents last year, are true believers of living in the moment. In fact, they even renewed their wedding vows in Las Vegas last year.

"In Vegas, on the spot decision by Mahhi lets get married again and lets have a Christian wedding. We had no plans, no guests, no witness, we just had a father, made us take the vows," revealed Bhanushali.

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