Mahesh Bhupati is miffed with wife Lara Dutta for her 'irresponsible' behaviour?

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Lara Dutta Bhupati upset her husband when she used his hard earned Grand Slam merchandise somewhat 'irresponsibly.'

Incessant rains have brought Maximum City Mumbai to a maximum halt. Roads have turned into swimming pools and transport and communication has been hit pretty badly.

But regular folks are not the only ones affected by the rains, celebrities are not far behind. The recent famous celebrity to share her ordeal was former Miss Universe and mum-of-one Lara Dutta Bhupati.

Lara upsets hubby Mahesh?

In order to save her house from flooding further, she lined her husband's Grand Slam towels against their glass doors.

And she didn't just line one. But four of them that tennis player Mahesh Bhupati received from four different tournaments including-Wimbledon, US Open, Australian and French Open.

She even posted a picture of the same on her social media accounts.

But this act did not go down well with Bhupati, who immediately shot back a furious reply to his wife for her 'irresponsible' behaviour. Yes, you read that right.

Tweeting to her, he wrote: "Are u kidding me !!!! That's years of hard work"

Now if you know anything about the game of tennis, you'll be aware that a player earns his/her Wimbledon merchandise. This also includes towels. So Bhupati was perhaps right in shooting back one ace answer to his wife!

But worry not, all this was clearly in good humour- and was simply pointing at the state of affairs due to the incessant rains that are wreaking havoc in Mumbai.

And while it is difficult to find humour in such difficult situations, the banter between them is a reflection of their bond. However, it takes years of practice and patience to develop this bond. Here are our recommendations on how you can do it easily as well.

3 ways couples can make their marriage stronger

  • Think of yourself as one unit: Now that you are married, you are no longer 'He' & 'She' you are 'Us.' Your priorities and vision in life is to grow and succeed together. So what matters most is that you have each other to celebrate and enjoy that success.
  • Support your partner: Married couples always believe that they are supporting each other, but there is always room for some more hard work. If your wife comes home late from work, don't expect her to take care of the house and cook and serenade you. Be more responsible, it is your house too. Likewise, if your husband comes late, don't judge him or question him. He is working hard for you too.
  • Have faith in your partner: You must trust your partner to do the right thing for you. After all both of you are now a single unit.

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On a much serious note, we understand that the rains have made these past few days difficult for Mumbaikars; and the city will need all the help that it can get to recover. So please spread the word and help those in need.

You can also save the following numbers for emergency:

  • BMC helpline: 1916 
  • WhatsApp for traffic updates: 8454999999
  • Western Railway control room: 022-23094064
  • Central Railway control room: 022-22620173

Be safe.

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