Is Madhubala star Drashti Dhami pregnant?

Is Madhubala star Drashti Dhami pregnant?

Telly actor Drashti Dhami has finally revealed the truth!

The gorgeous telly actor Drashti Dhami stormed her way into many hearts with some of the most endearing small screen performances.

From Dil Mil Gaye to Madhubala and finally to Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil she proved her versatility and amassed a huge fan following.

And just two years ago she broke those hearts by marrying long-time beau and businessman Neeraj Khemka. The 32-year-old has since been low-key about her marriage, sharing a few candid moments on social media.

Drashti addresses pregnancy rumours!

However, as is the case with every newlyweds, the Khemkas were also bombarded by pregnancy rumours. And it looks like Dhami has decided to finally reveal the truth.


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In a candid interview to an entertainment website Dhami addressed her pregnancy rumours. It was speculated that Dhami and Khemka were expecting their first baby in a few months. But the Madhubala said, “It’s not true.”

"The journey so far has been very smooth"

She reiterated that she is currently enjoying her married life, thanks to her husband  who has been extremely supportive.

"Neeraj was a fabulous boyfriend, and is the same as a husband. Now, I don’t talk to him that often on the phone, as we know we will meet every evening. We make sure we spend time together, and wait for each other. He’s very supportive, which is wonderful," says Dhami.

She also added that she shares an extremely warm relationship with her in-laws and is at home with them.

"The journey so far has been very smooth; it didn’t feel like a transition. The only difference is that earlier, I lived with my mum, and now, I stay with my husband. My in-laws are pretty chilled out," she shared.

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"My mother-in-law loves me very much"

She also added that her father-in-law has proved to be a pillar of support for her and treats her just as he would his own daughter.

"There are times I reach home late and if my father-in-law doesn’t meet me for three days, I get a message from him “Missing you, haven’t seen you for three days.” My mother-in-law loves me very much, whether it’s onscreen, offscreen or pulling her son’s hair (laughs)," she shared.

Dhami's relationship with her in-laws is truly unique and warm and the credit goes to both parties. But it doesn't mean that this is easy achieved all the time. Sometimes a daughter-in-law has to work hard to solidify her relationship with her in-laws.

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And if you're wondering how that's possible. Here are a few ways to break the ice with the in-laws.

  • Be honest from the get go: This trait goes a long way in not only breaking the ice, but also in further cementing the relationship. Your in-laws are a permanent fixture in your life, so it's better to be who you are in front of them as well. Be honest with your ideas and thoughts and do not lead them into believing that you're somebody else.
  • Appreciate their efforts: After all your in-laws are your spouse' parents and they deserve equal respect and appreciation as your own parents. If they've done something for you, there is no harm in appreciating their effort and letting them know you acknowledge their good deed.
  • Don't try to change them or yourself: A marriage needs a lot of work and not only between two partners, but also between two families. So either way, both parties will have to adjust for the marriage to be a success. Therefore, it's a good idea to adjust and give in wherever needed.

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