"The twins should know their father was wrong and has paid a heavy price for that": Maanayata Dutt

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The way, Maanayata is handling the situation can serve as a great example for many mums who may be conflicted on how to broach uncomfortable truths with their kids.

Let’s admit it, all of us have some of those uncomfortable family truths that we often are unsure on whether to tell the kids or not.

Sometimes talking to kids about those dark family details can be a daunting task. After all, they are at an impressionable age and what they assimilate from a given circumstance could affect their young minds.

However, Bollywood star wife Maanayata Dutt seems to be setting just the right example for her twins. We are all aware of the fact that actor Sanjay Dutt has had a rocky life full of ups and downs.

And now as a dad to two young kids, he has this additional responsibility of not only informing his kids about what led to those unusual circumstances in his life, he also has to set the right example for them to follow and not to get influenced.

Maanayata, the mega mum

But looks like his partner, Maanayata is already proving to be a mega mum and has a sensible plan. Maanayata plans to inform their young kids about what happened in their lives at a right time in a frank manner.

In fact the way, Maanyata is handling the situation can serve as a great example for many mums who may be conflicted on how to broach uncomfortable truths with their kids.

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In a recent interview in HT Brunch, Maanayata minced no words and said: “The twins should know their father was wrong and has paid a heavy price for that.”

The kids, who are now 7, were only 2 when their father was sentenced to jail. And the fact that they were too young to understand the reason for their dad’s absence must have made the family somewhat relieved that the kids’ did not have to face an emotional turmoil.

But now that they are growing up, mum Maanayata plans to handle the subject with them with great maturity.

She said in the interview: "They are still too young to understand what happened. Shahraan’s dad is his hero, his role model, he idolises him. I worry about two things. First it could be a too much of a shock for him; he might not be able to justify what had happened or understand why it happened. Second, he might start thinking whatever his dad did back then was cool. We don’t want either to happen.”

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There can be no denying that not everyone would have the courage to tell their kids that their father made a mistake but Maanyata plans on doing just that.

She further added: “I want them to understand how it happened, why it happened, and how Sanju took it in his stride.”

And while mum Maanayata realizes that the kids need to know the truth straight from their own parents she also right now wants to preserve the innocence of their childhood.

She said: “But they are still too young for all that and we don’t want to burden their childhood.”

Helping your child deal with the truth

The star wife shows us perfectly how as parents our duty is not just to protect our kids from the harsh realities of life but also often to inform them of these realities so that they are confident enough to question and ask their parents on things they may not understand.

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Mum Maanayata is already leading the way on how to handle tricky situations with kids. Here are some tips on how to talk to your kids about uncomfortable truths about your lives, if any.

1.Common mistakes: Parents sometimes make two mistakes – they either never confront the kids with the details they ought to know as a family or they fudge the truth to let the kids have a rosy picture.

According to psychologists, both of these can be wrong strategies. Once the kids are older and they discover the whole truth they might start disbelieving you, so it is best to inform them.

2. The right timing: Just like Maanayata, it may be sensible to wait for the right time. When your kids are mature and ready to assimilate the information you are about to divulge, talk to them about it in a frank manner.

3. Do not be ashamed: If there are some of those past mistakes you are shameful of but consider important for the kids to know; it is better to own them up.

Be regretful and sorry but not ashamed to admit. Tell them to learn from your mistakes and never idolize a wrong act just because their parents committed it.

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