Struggling to lose the post-pregnancy weight? Try these expert tips now!

Struggling to lose the post-pregnancy weight? Try these expert tips now!

Leading nutritionist Dhrishti Bijlani tells you everything you should and should not be eating after delivery, especially panjeeri and laddoos.

Besides their breastfeeding struggles and sleep deprivation issues, there is another problem that hounds new mothers day in and day out—the excess weight that they have piled on post pregnancy.

And while they want to do everything they can to lose it, sometimes they follow unhealthy diets regimes that can do them more harm than good. But, fret not, if you are a new mother who also wants to lose weight, we have some expert tips that would help you cut the flab.

theAsianparent Community caught up with leading nutritionist and director of, Dhrishti Bijlani, to answer some common questions that new moms have on their minds and to share some expert tips to help weight the pregnancy weight the healthy way.

"I think new mothers are very lucky as they get to eat whatever they want to, especially panjeeri and laddoos. They are packed with nutrition and while they must not be avoided, you should definitely eat them in moderation," says Dhrishti. Here are essential tips that she shares:

1. Working out after delivery: Dhrishti says that mothers should take it really easy and start working out gradually.

“Recovery after childbirth is a healing process and you have to go slow and steady with it. Normally six to eight weeks is the recommended time, once your doctor gives you a go ahead after the routine postnatal checkup. But again you have to take it slowly,”she says.

2. Your diet and your breast milk supply: A mother has to exclusively breastfeed for the first six months which is why she has to be extremely careful about what she eats.

breastfeeding is important

“There are certain foods or herbs that are known as galactagogues that help improve a new mother’s breast milk supply. So including these foods such as flax seeds, jelly seeds, methi seeds and even ghee in the diet would help," says Dhrishti.

3. Dieting while breastfeeding: Breastfeeding itself allows you to burn calories and lose weight. “You lose around 500 calories a day till the time you are breastfeeding so that itself would help you lose all the weight you have gained," says Drishti.

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4. Switching from rice to roti: Many women think that eliminating white rice completely from their diet would help them lose weight. This is why they start eating roti instead. “White rice is fine even in the night; as long as you’re adding a lot of vegetables to it. Basically, you should include items from all food groups, especially Indian grains,” she says.

5. Healthy snacks for breastfeeding mothers: Breastfeeding mothers are burning calories throughout the day, which is why they are hungry all the time, but that does not mean they eat anything they can lay their hands on.

“There are lots of healthy foods that you can have such as hummus (chickpea paste), oatmeal porridge, dalia. Add in your vegetables, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds and you’re good to go,” adds Drishti.

6. Foods to avoid: Anything that comes out of a packet is a strict no-no, says Dhrishti.

“It includes all your junk food, especially biscuits which are full of maida and margarine and even namkeen and farsaan. This is why I would request all mothers to read the nutritional label of the food that you are consuming. There is a lot of hidden sugar and fat,which you might not be able to figure out by just looking at the sugar-free biscuit pack,” she adds.

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