LOOK: Touching photo of exhausted dad watching over his sick son goes viral

LOOK: Touching photo of exhausted dad watching over his sick son goes viral

A dad snapped sleeping under his son's hospital crib has gained global attention for his devotion to his family. Learn more about him here

Photos can speak volumes.

In the case of Andre Palmer from Pennsylvania, one simple snapshot warmed the hearts of many, showing the world how much he cared for his son.

His wife, Amy, shared a picture of the 31-year-old dad watching over his sick son by sleeping under his hospital crib.

photo: Amy Palmer facebook

photo: Amy Palmer facebook

screengrab: Amy Palmer facebook

screengrab: Amy Palmer facebook

Their son, who’s only 20 months old, suffers from severe Asthma.

“He had an asthma attack over the weekend,” Amy Palmer told CNN. “It wouldn’t break, so I took him to the hospital.”

Despite a shift that lasted all night at the manufacturing company where he works, the devoted dad made sure he watched over his son.

“When I woke up Tuesday morning, he was there,” Amy said, expressing her surprise. “He was sleeping under the crib.”

The photo has since gone viral, earning thousands of likes and shares on Facebook. Though Amy was stunned at the reception, she shares her husband’s sweet gesture no longer came as a surprise; it just came naturally for him.

“I thought, oh my gosh, that’s so wonderful,” she said. “He’s all about our kids and our family.”

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It was during the Fourth of July weekend when Andre’s son, A.J., began having an asthma fit. Thinking at first it was a cold, Andre and Amy kept observing him. But then his breathing became labored and they knew they had to seek medical attention. Their youngest child’s oxygen levels plummeted and so he was admitted.

The York Daily Record reports that Amy took A.J. to York Hospital while Andre took the couple’s two daughters — Aaralynn, 4, and Aighla, 16 — back to their grandmother’s house.

Andre had to work the night shift at a manufacturing company. After finishing his shift, he picked up his daughters and went straight to the hospital.

He got to A.J.’s room and found his wife and son fast asleep. Knowing that they had a long night, he decided not to wake them. Exhausted but not wanting to be in the nurses’ way during their hourly rounds since there was little space, he took a pillow and curled up under his son’s crib.

photo: Amy Palmer facebook

photo: Amy Palmer facebook

After Amy shared the photo publicly on Facebook, messages started pouring in from all over the world—New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and many others.

Andre acknowledges his own father for being the perfect example of what a good dad should be like. Andre was hesitant to grant interviews at first. Eventually, he realised it wasn’t surprising why the simple photo gained worldwide attention.

“I don’t need this attention,” Andre told the York Daily Record. “This is what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m just doing what I have to do to take care of my children and make sure they’re happy.”

“There is so much negativity going on in the world,” he said. “You had cops shooting people and people shooting cops. I think people saw that picture and believed that something so positive can overcome so much that’s negative going on around the world. It’s very heartwarming to me.”

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