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These #FitMoms are taking pregnancy fitness to a whole new level!

Keeping fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy is an absolute must. But these moms, who are taking over Instagram, are taking pregnancy fitness to a whole new level.

A typical #FitMom often posts bikini selfies, astounding followers with their lack of stretch marks. They also share videos of their exercise regimens which even include lifting weights.

A quick scan of the #fitmom hashtag will reveal about 8 million posts. Most of these images and videos feature often heavily pregnant women doing intense exercises or boasting taut tummies barely two weeks after giving birth.

Some days I miss being prego it was around this time last year when I was #36weekspregnant #9months with James

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Sia Cooper, a 27-year-old personal trainer and mom-of-two told People: "The day I went into labour, I actually did incline training for an hour along with dumbbell curls and barbell squats...I got a great last workout in before my daughter decided to make her grand appearance!"

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Even though their goal may be to inspire other moms, these #FitMoms have been criticized for sending the wrong message to their thousands of social media followers. 

For some pregnant women (whose pregnancies are sensitive) they may feel conflicted when they see these women who are in shape continuing strenuous exercise throughout their pregnancy. 

Emphasizing that there is "no excuse" to let yourself go can also be confused with not prioritizing caring for your baby above all. 

Excessive exercise during pregnancy poses health risks, too. They may reduce blood flow to the baby so it's best to consult with a physician before adopting a certain type of exercise during pregnancy.

Having a small baby bump may be indicative of abnormal weight gain during pregnancy which may cause stunted fetal growth and development.

Despite all this, the important thing is for pregnant women to celebrate and encourage other expectant moms.

Baby bumps, big or small, are all beautiful. The important thing is having a happy, healthy pregnancy.

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