LOOK: 15 stunning bridesmaid styles that rocked down the aisle

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Behind every stunning bride is an awesome entourage. Take a look at these bridesmaid style squads whose styles we love!

Though the bride is supposed to be the center of attention on her wedding day, having an equally stylish entourage to complement her makes all the difference!

Bridal parties are made up of the bride’s favorite people. They can be school BFFs, siblings, or cousins, and so on. So it’s important for them to look their best because it’s a special day for them, too!

Here are 15 bride’s squads who are total stylespirations!

This quirky, earthy and mismatched squad is perfect for an enchanted forest-themed wedding!

I'm not sure how to even caption this besides saying...perfect.

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Vibrant pops of colour complement the bride's lush white gown!

But you can also mix up jewel and earth tones for that subtle vibrance!

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This squad has the consistent colour scheme down pat!

Amber and Alicia Cake: @pastryswanbakery MUA: @beprettybychelseapag Invitations: @peterwogstad Bride: @alicianicolemo Bride: @ambrmc

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But good ol' matching dresses like similar saris also work!

And muted, neutral tones can also steal the show...

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Timeless pastels and soft fabrics are perfect for girly brides and bridesmaids

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Cool hues in similar tones are refreshing looks for the bridal party

Solid, bold colours look stunning on any body type!

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Matching colours with different dress styles are still fun!

Even if you just mix up the draping of the dress, you can still created memorable bridal party style

Trying matching metallic dresses is also a good idea for the edgy bride who still wants her bridal party to have similar dresses

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Variations of red hues provide bold contrast to a white bridal gown

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You don't need to scrimp on bridesmaid dress embellishments, as proven by this glamorous bridal party!

Bridesmaids level 1000. #Slayed.

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But keeping it short and simple doesn't make you any less fashionable!

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