Lisa Haydon FINALLY shares her secret to losing post-delivery weight with a message

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New mum Lisa Haydon received a lot of support from mums for her powerful and emotional post.

Just two months after giving birth to her son, new mum Lisa Haydon stepped out with her husband Dino Lalvani only to stun everybody with her post-delivery transformation.

Visibly fit and glowing, Haydon proved that a new mum can also look smashing and get back into shape in no time. And while many wondered how this supermodel-turned-actor managed to still look so fit, Haydon has finally revealed her secret.

Haydon's secret weapon for losing pregnancy weight

In an Instagram post that is both revealing as well as emotional, Haydon explained just how she managed to lose all her pregnancy weight and get back into shape in no time.

Plus, she shared that this technique actually helped her bond better with her son Zach.

Most of you mums may have already guessed that Haydon was talking about breastfeeding.

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Along with this powerful picture of Haydon breastfeeding her son, she wrote: "I've gotten loads of posts asking about life after having my son... esp to do with weight and fitness. Seeing as it's World Breastfeeding Week- time to give some credit where credit is due. Breastfeeding has played such a big part in getting back into shape after giving birth to my baby. Breastfeeding has been challenging+time consuming (literally hours spent everyday trying to stimulate milk supply) but it's such a beautiful way to bond and connect with your child plus all the nutritional benefits that your child gets from your milk..."

Haydon receives support from fellow mums

As soon Haydon posted her on her Instagram, she received a lot of support from her followers, many of whom were mums.

In fact, some even shared their own breastfeeding journey as well. Sample this:
lisa haydonThrough her post, Haydon shared the most beautiful and satisfying milestone of a new mum's life. But she also indirectly shed light on how to breastfeed a newborn by posing in the cross over hold position.

We spoke to Dr Sangeeta Saha, senior physiotherapist, Motherhood Hospitals, Bengaluru, to get a better understanding of the various positions mums can use to breastfeed easily.

4 positions to breastfeed a newborn

"There is no particular rule on how to sit during breast feeding. But the posture which the mother follows should be comfortable for the baby as well as the mother. The mother should be relaxed and should support her breast and body while feeding the baby. There are some simple positions which the new mothers can follow while breastfeeding their kid," she explained as she listed the four basic positions.

  • Cross over hold – This is a perfect and comfortable position for many infants and mothers. In this position mother uses her right arm and hand to support the baby and left hand also to support the baby. New born babies feel safe in this position.
  • Cradle hold – This is a common poster which many mothers follow. Here the mother holds the baby with her hand, where her elbow supports the head and hand supports the bottom of the baby. With the other hand mother can support her breast. The mother has to be careful while holding the baby’s in this position. It is difficult to feed the baby which is less than 1 month in this position as their neck muscles are not strong.

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  • Football hold – This position is good for the mother if she has undergone C section delivery. The mother has to position the baby at her side, under the arms like a handbag. She should support the baby’s shoulder, neck and head with her arm. This position helps the mother to avoid put the weight of the baby on her stomach while breast feeding.
  • Lying position – After C section delivery few mothers may feel uncomfortable in sitting for a long time. So they can feed while lying on their side on the bed. But there should be enough pillows to support her back, head and knees. Here mother makes the baby lay on her side and covers the baby’s back and bottom with her hand.

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