Celeb mums Lisa Haydon and Nisha Rawal are making baby wearing the new cool!

Celeb mums Lisa Haydon and Nisha Rawal are making baby wearing the new cool!

Using a baby carrier is not only a fad but it is also quite beneficial for you and your baby. Read on to know more.

Celebrity or not, it looks like baby wearing is the latest parenting fad. From regular new mums to famous ones like Lisa Haydon, Nisha Rawal and even Shweta Tiwari Kohli, everybody is wearing their newborns hands-free.

We no longer see nannies pushing A-list babies on strollers since famous parents are keeping their bundles of joy close and secure.

But don’t just consider baby-wearing a fad, because it has many benefits.

Baby wearing is the safest way to carry your bub

We spoke to Dr Prashanth Gowda, HOD, Neonatology and Paediatrics, Motherhood Hospitals, Bengaluru, to better understand how baby-wearing benefits not just the baby but also the parents.

Baby carriers are the comfortable and safe ways of carrying the baby around. But it is important to make sure that these carriers provide the necessary support for your babies. Also, parents should see that these carriers are giving enough support to the baby’s head to rest on,” explains Dr Gowda.

Now the question is, how do you choose a baby carrier that may be best suited for your baby?

Many celeb mums have also been seen carrying and advising fellow new mums about cloth slings.

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Why choose a cloth sling for your newborn!

Dr Gowda explains why it may actually be a good idea to opt for it, especially if you have a newborn.

Cloth-made slings are comfortable for the kids to sleep as the other carriers are hard and do not let the babies rest on it. If baby carriers have mothers cloth inside, touch smell feel of mothers soothes babies,” shares Dr Gowda.

But once your baby crosses the six-month mark and is able to hold his neck, you can switch over of regular baby carriers as well. This also allows them to see the world around them and experience new things.

Dr Gowda explains, “When parents carry the baby of less than 5-6 months, the baby’s face should be inwards ie towards the person who is carrying the baby.”

He adds, “As soon as the muscles of the neck become stronger i.e., between the age group of 5-6 months, parents can place their babies facing outwards. Also in this age, they start recognising the colors. So they enjoy seeing their surroundings.”

But like any other object, even a baby carrier has one disadvantage if overused.

Precautions while using baby carriers

Since the baby ends up placed inside the carrier for a long period, it can damage his hips.

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If the carriers are not comfortable and the babies sitting position in the carrier is not proper it may lead to hip dysplasia – which is the abnormal formation of the hips. Also with the babies less than 3 years, if the parents are carrying the baby for a long time and their legs are dangling for a longer period, it may cause hip damage in the kids,” explains Dr Gowda.

So what are the precautions that you must follow while using a baby carrier? Dr Gowda lists the top five.

  • Baby should stay in an upright position
  • Check your carrier every time for any damage
  • Baby should be positioned properly in the carrier
  • Make sure baby is getting enough air to breathe while sitting in the carrier
  • Avoid babies face pressing against parent’s chest. It may block the airways.
  • Baby carriers or slings should not be too tight which make baby uncomfortable.

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