Lifestyle photographer captures the chaos of pregnancy in her new photos

Lifestyle photographer captures the chaos of pregnancy in her new photos

Lifestyle photographer Danielle Guenther shared four new photos from a series that aims to capture the chaos of being pregnant!

Lifestyle photographer, Danielle Guenther, has worked hard in her days since becoming a mother to use her skills as a photographer to help illustrate the everyday routines and chaos of being a mother.

The mother/photographer from Hoboken, New Jersey, recently created a new photo album that looks to achieve that goal. Guenther chose the subject of pregnancy itself rather than motherhood, though. The idea and inspiration behind her newest work is that she wanted show the process that women must go through while pregnant.

In a recent interview with, Guenther discussed the story behind her latest work and she shared her four new photos with the world. The final results of Danielle's newest album are pretty awesome...but are they accurate? Let us know what you think mums:


"We're really superheroes, trying to house and grow a baby for ten months," Guenther said in an interview with TODAY, "Some of us are doing it for the first time and are super excited, but then I have friends who are on their second or third or even fourth child and they are over it. Being able to showcase and shine light on this really amazing thing we do as women is the point of this series."


"I thought it would be fun to really capture the whole stages of pregnancy and how there are some real struggles in there. As women, we often put on this smiley face and say the pregnancy is going great, but then we get home and are like, 'I'm exhausted. I'm absolutely tired of this.' Especially when we're already taking care of kids and now we're dealing with being pregnant, too," Guenther told TODAY.


I think Danielle speaks for all mothers when she illustrates the frustration and overbearing nature of morning sickness.


Guenther has only just begun this series. She aims to add more to the series whenever she can, however, she's only able to add when her models are further along in their respective pregnancies.

What do you think mums? Do you agree with Danielle? What do you think of her photographs?

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