5 life lessons my dad taught me that helped make my marriage stronger

5 life lessons my dad taught me that helped make my marriage stronger

It was these 5 golden rules of marriage that my father indirectly taught me that have helped me make my marriage stronger

When I got married three years back, I didn’t realise that it would be such hard work. After all, I was marrying a guy I knew for almost a decade. We were familiar with each other’s habits and loved spending time with each other.

But it was only after I relocated to another city and started to live alone with him did I realise that we were actually quite different. And just like any other couple, we had our fair share of ups and downs at the beginning.

However, the one person who stood by me and helped me understand the rights from wrongs was my father.

While most Indian girls would go to their mother for advice, I went to my dad. Because I knew that only he could understand my dilemma and help me through tough times.

But it was really the way he conducted himself throughout his life that helped me become a better partner in my marriage. These 5 golden rules of marriage that he indirectly taught me have, therefore, helped me make my marriage stronger.

#1 Have the courage to stand up for yourself

While this may not be the foundation of a marriage for many, I think it should be. We often make sacrifices and let others decide for us. But my father taught me to have the courage and stand for my own self.

This made me become more independent, especially since I had to live alone for many months post marriage (my husband is in the armed forces). I was able to make decisions on my own and understood quickly what was best for my marriage and me.

#2 Patience is a virtue

Being patient is an integral part of a marriage and I learnt it the hard way. But the good thing is that I am a fast learner. I learnt quickly that it could solve many of my problems.

So whenever I had any discussion with my husband or even with my in-laws, I tried to keep my cool. Of course it was not something I could have all the time, but like my father said being patient is a virtue and take you a long way.

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#3 Love like there is no tomorrow

I have seen my father stand up for us, care for us and protect us. He didn’t do all of this because it was his duty. He did it because he loved us fiercely and was willing to go that extra mile to keep us safe.

This important life lesson has helped me immensely in my marriage. While my husband and I fell in love much before our wedding, the feeling has alleviated post marriage. We love each other more and are happy to spend any little time we get with each other.

#4 Don’t shy away from confrontation

As a working woman, I hardly get time for confrontations. But if the situation calls for it, I don’t believe in backing down. Yes, I try to keep my cool during such discussions, but I am sure to keep my point forward and am always clear about my opinion.

Confrontations can never really be the best things for a marriage, but they are also an important part. It helps you clear your doubts and make your partner understand your side of the story.

#5 Be respectful of your partner

My parents have had the perfect marriage. I have never seen them argue and only noticed an immense amount of respect for each other. This was another very important life lesson that my father unknowingly taught me.

Respecting your partner is not just something one has to do because they are married, but it’s a basic human right. And I have learnt from experience that being respectful of each other’s opinions, professions and families can go a long way and strengthen one’s marriage.

So thank you, dad!

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