This holiday season, let your kids be BORED!

This holiday season, let your kids be BORED!

Here's why boredom is good for your child

As Christmas vacations begin we will be hearing this all the more. These are also the words we constantly hear from our children when they wake up on a weekend...


Children are always on the go and busy during weekdays and the school hours, but after school they are free. And generally, this is what they say most of the time, right?

As parents, we are such hands-on parents that we literally take these words so seriously, and get the child busy with either a mobile phone, give them the TV remote, give activity books, some other gadgets like PS4, etc or just tell them to go play with some friends/neighbours. We for sure don’t want the child to be bored.

We want our kids to be busy all the time...

This holiday season, let your kids be BORED!

In our fast-paced life, we are too busy to give time to the child (both parents working), and thus also make our children super busy, wherein after school otherwise they are attending classes one after the other. So obviously they don’t get time to be bored.

It feels as if we have programmed our children’s lives so that they don’t complain of boredom. So when such a child, out of the blue or on vacations has some free time, they are not sure what to do and cannot manage their time, and say they are bored. Every parent in the 21st century must have at least heard this few times from their child.

About 3-4 decades ago, children didn’t have gadgets, TV was hardly present in few households, and wifi was not there. But children did not complain of boredom.

When they got free time, they were up to something like playing with marbles, unscrewing up an old electronic item, accompanying parents to the market, playing with mud, playing with friends, etc. Hardly any child would be home¸ sitting alone. They would play with anyone and everyone.

Today when a child complains of getting bored, we feel we are not doing enough for the child, or are not good enough parents, or are not spending time with them. Thus we deprive them of unstructured time, and rely on extracurricular classes or screen time.

How boredom helps your child

exposing your children to germs

But we don’t realise that letting the child get bored will help the child explore his creativity and would give him the opportunity to do, something he likes.

Have you ever realised how beautiful it is to just sit by the window and watch the birds fly? Gazing at the sunset and just figuring out what to do with their free time can sometimes be a good idea, don't you think?

Here's how your child can make use of his free time:

  • Listen to music
  • Learn origami step by step
  • Make a dessert with help
  • Setting ice cubes in the ice tray
  • Do some gardening/planting seeds
  • Give them sponge and soap to wash a car
  • Count/fold the laundry
  • Make something best out of waste
  • Learn cycling/ Riding a bike
  • Play hopscotch/hide and seek
  • Bathe a pet
  • Read a book/ Join a library
  • Try the science experiments learnt in school with help
  • Make a birthday card for someone
  • Make a calendar for yourself
  • Make a paper bag out of waste newspaper
  • Clear up the desk/ Tidy up the room
  • Make paper boats in the rainy season and see them float
  • Plan a treasure hunt with friends
  • Write a story/your thoughts


Creativity and imagination are imperative for the mental and physical growth of your child. Let’s not kill it by NOT letting a child think and imagine in his free time. Only then they would create and explore!


Written by

Aditi Marda

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