5 life lessons you must teach your kids this Christmas

5 life lessons you must teach your kids this Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner, use it as an opportunity to instill important lessons in your kids and lead by example

Tis the season to be jolly...Fa la la la la, la la la la....

If you are also humming this ingenious song, you are probably already in a seasonal mood and you'll only notice streets decked up in Christmas cheer, sales on full swing and kids jumping with excitement, where ever you go-

This holiday season creates the perfect opportunity, just as it does with other festivals, to teach your kids some important life lessons. You do not necessarily have to be religious to celebrate Christmas or any other festival. All you need is the spirit of humanity and the willingness to teach your kids about unity in diversity and that is enough to prep you for some seasonal cheer!

So what's the wait, with Christmas right around the corner, use it as an opportunity to instill important lessons in your kids and lead by example. For starters, here are a few things you can help your kids learn:

#1 Teach them about giving back

Instead of taking your kids out to shopping for themselves, how about teaching them to buy something for charity. By this one act, you can teach them about kindness, generosity and compassion. Begin by telling them how their help can make a huge difference in somebody's life and always lead by example.


#2 Teach them about good deeds

You don't always have to donate something unless asked for, how about creating opportunities of generosity yourself. You can create food bags or volunteer at an old-age home or an animal shelter and take your kid along. Teach them the importance of connecting with others in a community and also giving back to those less fortunate.

Continue reading to see the three most important life lessons you must teach your kids this festive season.

#3  Teach them about gratitude

Seasonal festivals are not just about celebrating with something new, but also being thankful for what we already own. So use this opportunity to teach your kids about gratitude. Tell them how somebody may have gone out of their way to get a gift for them or spend time with them. Kids as young as three understand the concept of gratitude and therefore, you can start as early as this.



#4 Teach them about moderation

The concept of moderation is related to gratitude, but it is not just about being polite, but also about leading a healthy and positive lifestyle. By not going out of your way to buy expensive gifts for your family and trying to manage in moderation, you teach your kids about the importance of being a happy human being over being a rich one.


#5 Teach them about togetherness

Festivals are not just about gratitude, generosity and kindness, but also about coming together as a family and celebrating life. It's important for kids to know that they are surrounded by people who love and encourage them in order for them to develop an all round personality and festivals provide that platform. So teach them how family is the most important pillar of their strength and they must always stand for it.

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Deepshikha Punj

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