"My in-laws made sure I DON'T have a honeymoon"

"My in-laws made sure I DON'T have a honeymoon"

My husband announced that he had already booked our tickets for our honeymoon. Could I have been more excited? But then this happened...

Like any new bride, I was also very excited when my marriage date was finalized. Ours was a love marriage, and while there had been a lot of issues from my husband’s family, I thought that most of the problems were over once they did give their agreement to us getting married.

I come from a simple middle-class family, while my husband’s side is more on the higher side of society. Also, they are very conservative, especially my husband’s parents, and this would be the first time that anyone had thought of going for a love marriage.

I was initially skeptical, but when I saw that my partner was always by my side and ready to be with me, no matter what, it made me strong and made me believe that ours would be a happy married life.

We finally got married with both sides of the families attending. It was a typical big fat Indian wedding.

As my husband had accepted a new role in a new city, he was supposed to fly out barely two days after the wedding. I would follow him in a few weeks’ time.

It was difficult to say our goodbyes, but then, I knew we would meet soon. Also, my husband promised me that even though he was not able to take me for our honeymoon due to his busy work schedule, he would make it up to me in a few months.

The first few weeks passed and I finally was with my husband. Of course, I was over the moon! And then, my husband announced that he had already booked our tickets for our honeymoon, which would be the next month. Could I have been more excited?

I was so happy.

But then I saw that something was wrong

Three days before we were due to leave for our honeymoon, my husband came back from work. I could immediately see something was wrong. When I asked him what the matter was, he said his mother had called and was asking us to go and be with her, as she was feeling very ill.

I knew that my husband had told them everything, about the exact honeymoon dates and where we would stay, and everything.

I could not believe this was happening.

He apologised to me and asked if I would go and spend the time with my in-laws.

We went, and trust me, I could see there was nothing wrong with my mother in law. In fact, it was my husband who commented that she seemed fine, to which she said that seeing us had made her better, and all she wanted to do now was to spend some time with her new bahu.

Of course, we missed our flights, and as the tickets were really expensive, everything got cancelled and for then, we did not get a chance to plan the honeymoon again.

Eight months after that, I was pregnant, and we never had a honeymoon.

It’s been 16 years now that we got married, and that was the only time my mother-in-law ever fell ill and wanted to see me.

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