Lamaze and the art of natural childbirth

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What is the philosophy behind Lamaze and how will it assist you in natural childbirth?

Well, you've all heard about how 'painful' labour is, right? What if there was a technique which trained you to handle the pain and give birth naturally, minus any complicating medications? You'd want to know about it, right? Be assured, it's not asking for too much. Ladies, let's introduce you to Lamaze!

A philosophy by French obstetrician Ferdinand Lamaze, Lamaze supports natural birth and teaches you how to use your body's natural strength and trust your inert wisdom to give birth. While in its early days, Lamaze focussed only on breathing techniques, now this childbirth practice teaches you much more!

Dr Riddhi Chandarana, physiotherapist and certified childbirth educator at Fit For Birth, Mumbai, says, "Lamaze teaches expectant couples about pain in labour, different labour preparation exercises, medication-free comfort techniques and breathing exercises to help you focus on your body and distract you from pain."

By the way, did you notice how important your birth partner's role is in giving birth to your baby!

Continue Reading to know what you will learn in a Lamaze class.

What happens in a Lamaze course?

A Lamaze class typically consists of:

  • Educating about normal labour, birth and the initial days post-delivery
  • Being informed and active during labour
  • Focused breathing techniques
  • Other relaxation techniques and natural methods for painless delivery which include massaging, walking, changing positions and water birthing or hydrotherapy
  • Tips to help your partner assist you well during labour
  • Making sure you communicate your birth plan with your medical team
  • How to handle and be prepared for medical intervention in case of an emergency
  • First interactions with your infant
  • Lactation techniques

It's a good idea to begin Lamaze at the beginning of the seventh month. That way, by the time you are ready for delivery, you'd have mastered the technique!

So let natural do the trick, moms! Try out Lamaze.

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Harshikaa Udasi

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