Infant gets breastfed by daycare employee. What happens next? Watch!

Infant gets breastfed by daycare employee. What happens next? Watch!

The mother is irritated and rightly so for she caught a daycare staff breastfeeding her baby who is lactose intolerant! What happened next? Read on!

A surveillance video at a North Carolina daycare centre captured the footage which would make anyone angry! A 3-month-old child was breastfed by a worker at the daycare centre, without permission. The infant’s mother, Jaycee Oxendina is irked, especially so because her son is lactose intolerant, according to this report.

Breastfeeding another person’s baby is sort of controversial. While some mothers have no issue nursing other babies, certain mothers feel quite strongly against it. However, the point here is that, unless a mother has given permission to another woman to breastfeed her child, nobody has the right do so.

Kaycee had a valid reason to lose her temper. However, it doesn’t end there. The buzz is that what really made her angry was the fact that her infant is lactose intolerant and she had specifically told the daycare worker not to breastfeed him. Despite that, when she saw the footage of the employee doing so, she was shocked.

Watch the video here:

What exactly is lactose intolerance?

Our body produces an enzyme called lactase. It is essential to break down lactose, in our small intestines, for it to be absorbed into the blood stream.  In the case of lactose intolerance, there is insufficient lactase enzyme produced. As a result, lactose is poorly digested.

When a baby is lactose intolerant, he experiences frequent watery stools.  The bacteria, present in the bowel, ferment the undigested lactose. That in turn, produces excessive amounts of abdominal gas.  Because sufficient lactose has not broken down into glucose and galactose, an infant is deprived of his major source of energy.  When deprived of energy from the diet, our body will use body fat as an energy source and this will result in a loss of weight.

Primary lactose intolerance is an extremely rare condition where infants are born with an inability to digest lactose. However, if your baby is born with the condition, you will know in the first few days of life.

What can be done if a baby is lactose intolerant?

In the case of a breastfed baby, he may experience a secondary lactose intolerance following a bout of gastroenteritis.  However, breastmilk should be continued as it will aid the recovery of your baby's small intestines.

For formula-fed baby, if lactose intolerance is suspected following a bout of gastroenteritis, then milk and milk products should be avoided for a certain period of time. If symptoms go away, it's normally possible to return your baby to his normal diet within a few weeks.

However, if you feel there is no improvement in your child's bowel movements or abdominal symptoms are seen following a trial on lactose-free formula, take him to the doctor at the earliest to be assessed.

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