Do lactonic granules actually help in increasing breast milk supply?

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Most lactation granules available in the market contain herb based supplements along with galactagogues.

This happens to most of the women who start breastfeeding their babies. In the initial few days, almost all mums feel that they are not producing enough milk for their babies. They end up thinking of options like lactonic granules.

In most cases, though it's a psychological worry as breast milk production is a demand and supply phenomenon. However, doctors often also recommend lactonic granules as they may enhance the breast milk supply.

But do lactonic granules actually work? The experience of women who may have had these granules varies. While some swear by its efficacy others did not notice any considerable difference.

Very often, Indian women combine the intake of lactonic granules while they may be on some other desi remedies such as fenugreek seeds etc. This leads to an added confusion in understanding whether the granules are working or the desi remedy.

However, according to experts, lactonic granules do work as they contain lactation supplements that help in an increased breast milk.

What do lactonic granules contain...

Most lactation granules available in the market contain herb based supplements along with galactagogues.

Galactagogues are substances that help in increasing breast milk lactation. While in a normal circumstance a feeding mother should be able to produce enough milk for their babies' requirement but sometimes in certain conditions, it may be required that a supplement is needed.

lactonic granules

Often working mums need an increased supply so that they can pump and store the breast milk and doctors recommend lactonic granules to help them.

Most lactonic granules available in the market are herbal preparations and can be had by new mums. Most of them due to their herbal ingredients pose no side effects however it still is essential to consult your doctor before you opt for any treatment. Normally two teaspoons are required to be taken every day.

Other natural lactonic supplements

There are other natural lactation supplements too that work to increase breast milk supply.

  1. Fenugreek: One of the most commonly used kitchen ingredients in India, it is also potent in aiding milk supply. However, you need to consult a doctor in case you suffer from diabetic conditions as it causes low blood sugar.
  2. Fennel seeds: This is one of the most common things that grand mums advise lactating mothers to have. Fennel water is also given to mums to help reduce bloating etc.
  3. Garlic: Despite its strong smell, garlic is said to increase breast milk supply. Some studies have found that mums who ate garlic were able to breastfeed their babies for longer durations.
  4. Oats: Oats, one of the most healthy breakfast option are rich in prolactin. They are also understood to stimulate the pituitary glands that aid in breast milk supply.

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