Nine Months: Labour, Delivery & Pain Management

Nine Months: Labour, Delivery & Pain Management

Labour pain, delivery and pain management are some crucial topics that author Meghna Pant takes up in this episode. Doctors also share some interesting labour room incidents. Take a look:


How to handle emergency situations? 

Doctors advise that it is important to avoid panic. Most of the times after there are signs of a need to go into the labour room, there's enough time for pregnant mums to reach the hospital. In case the situation worsens and the baby is ready to come out any moment, parents can go to closest nursing homes. Basic first aid is generally available in all nursing homes and help can be given in case of emergency.

Lactation and breastfeeding concerns

Experts advise that new mums should not take stress about lactating issues. They suggest that it is best to allow nature to take its course as far as breastfeeding is concerned. They feel that not everything needs to be an art or a skill, so new mums must not be pressurised about it.

What role can fathers-to-be have in the labour room?


Over generations the lines have blurred and fathers-to-be now get to be by the side of their pregnant partners even during childbirth. Many doctors feel that fathers-to-be must participate in the process of delivery. They can be great support to pregnant mums when they are in labour pain. Furthermore, it helps the partners to be in sync with the pregnant mothers, mentally and emotionally.


In this episode, doctors advise pregnant mums and new mums to just relax and allow things to happen naturally. After all pregnancy is an extension of a woman's body, not a disorder or disease. They reiterate the importance of faith that parents-to-be and new parents need to have.

A visual how-to-survival guide, Nine Months brings expert advice, knowledge and perspective to make your pregnancy an easy and a memorable experience for you.

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Prutha Soman

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