Kumkum actress Juhi Parmar reveals how she lost 17 kilos post-pregnancy!

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"I did not want to go on a crash diet but wanted to lose weight organically,"

After a four-year break, Kumkum fame actress Juhi Parmar is back with a bang with her new show Karamphal Data Shani, 17 kgs lighter.

Yes, that's right. The stunning actress has lost seventeen kilos and that too without any strict diet or exercise regime.


Excited to be back on TV again, Juhi says,"It feels fantastic to be back where I belong. I always loved acting and it feels great to be part of such a huge production. As far as shooting goes, things haven’t changed much. The pressure of deadline was always there. But yes, I have not done a show of this grandeur earlier. I hope after this people will remember me as Sangya/Chhaya and not just as Kumkum!"


Suryadev is photobombing..see the rays behind hussy n me???????????? he is jealous of us????????

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Juhi became a household name after her debut show Kumkum that became a huge success. After that, she went on to be the winner of Bigg Boss. Due to her immense popularity, Juhi was offered many shows before Karamphal Data Shani. However, she wanted to focus on her daughter and be a part of the initial crucial years of her childhood.

"I was offered several shows, but being a hands-on mother, I wanted my child to grow up enough to understand that she has a working mom. I was always dedicated to my work, but the need of the hour was to show the same dedication towards my daughter," she says.


Mamma pout.. dont smile thts wht my baby says

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Juhi is making news these days for her drastic weight loss and she's really happy with the way she looks right now. "I am happy about facing the camera again without worrying how I will look," says Juhi.

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Talking about her weight loss secret, Juhi says that she did not go on any crash diet as she wanted to lose all the weight organically.

"I had put on a lot of weight during my pregnancy, which was inevitable. I was completely focused on my baby and her nutrition for which I had to eat properly. Once she was of a certain age, I started concentrating on my health. I did not want to go on a crash diet but wanted to lose weight organically," she says.



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For effective weight loss, Juhi followed a proper workout routine and concentrated on her diet. However, she never starved herself.

"I hired a personal trainer for workouts and followed a proper diet. I did simple cardio exercises and basic weight lifting. I ate right, and never starved myself, "she adds.

Losing the post-pregnancy weight

It can be a tough task to lose all the extra inches you've gained during pregnancy, but just like Juhi says mothers should not go on a crash diet, but make little changes to their existing diets. Here are few things to keep in mind to make your weight loss be more effective:

1. Eat 6-8 small meals: Weight loss experts say that you should eat every two hours, but be careful of your portions and never eat too much of anything at one time.

2. Include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables: Another key thing to do would be to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Dietician Dhrishti Bijlani says that if you want to lose weight, you should stop eating anything that comes from a packet.

“It includes all your junk food, especially biscuits which are full of maida and margarine and even namkeen and farsaan. This is why I would request all mothers to read the nutritional label of the food that you are consuming," she says.
3. Don't stress over it: Lastly, new mothers should never stress over losing weight as it will take some time to lose all the inches that you have gained during pregnancy. Stressing over it would only waste all your efforts.

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