Kudos! Atif Aslam stops concert mid-way to rescue girl from eve teasers (video inside)

Kudos! Atif Aslam stops concert mid-way to rescue girl from eve teasers (video inside)

"Tumne kabhi ladki nahi dekhi hai? Tumhari maa-behen bhi ho sakti hai yahaan par"

We've often read that while celebrities talk about a lot of issues that concern normal citizens, seldom do we see them practice what they preach. However, singer Atif Aslam on Saturday showed that celebs can even take matters in their own hands if they want.

So, Atif was performing in the city of Karachi in Pakistan when he saw that something was not right with the girl who was standing in the front row. While he wanted to go on with the song, somehow something happened that he stopped the concert mid-way.


Yes, that's right. Apparently, there were a group of rowdy men who were trying to get fresh with that girl who caught Atif's attention. And so the singer decided to stop the concert as he raised his hand in mid-air for his musicians to stop playing. He then started reprimanding the boys who were misbehaving with the girl.

"Tumne kabhi ladki nahi dekhi hai? Tumhari maa-behen bhi ho sakti hai yahaan par (Have you never seen a girl before? Your mother or sister could have been here as well)," he told the eve teasers.

He then called on his team members to rescue the girl and bring her on stage. He then walked with her and took her backstage.He even asked them to be decent human being first (pehle insaan ka bachcha ban) before he resumed the concert. Watch the video to know what happened.


On knowing what had happened the crowd suddenly started chanting "Atif, Atif" in his support. Needless to say, the video went viral minutes after it was posted on social media, with compliments pouring in for Atif from all over the world, not just Pakistan. It has received more than 6.5 lakh likes as of now.

Continue reading on the next page to know about the eve-teasing laws in India!

And why not! What Atif did was indeed commendable considering that he was in the middle of his show. It indeed takes guts to take such a big action, considering that there is money at stake. Well done Atif!

What to do if you are eve-teased


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While Atif had the means and also the power to stop a concert mid-way to rescue a girl from eve-teasers, it does not mean that normal citizens like you and me cannot do anything. Here's what the law states about eve teasing in India, according to the Hindustan Times:

1. Eve teasing includes any of the following obscene actions such as touching, rubbing, groping, staring, pinching, slapping a woman or showing her private parts or pornographic material.

2. Eve teasing can be punishable under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) once the victim lodges a complaint with the police. Section 298 (A) and (B) of Indian Penal Code prescribes up to three months imprisonment for making obscene gestures or remarks to a woman. Section 292 of the IPC prescribes up to two years imprisonment for showing pornographic pics or obscene pics.

3. Once proves, the culprit can get up to one year of imprisonment or fine under section 509 of the IPC.

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[Images courtesy: Instagram]
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