Did you know? This everyday kitchen staple can boost your breast milk supply

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There are many home remedies that can be found right in your kitchen that work better than medicines.

New mothers are constantly worried about their breast milk supply and wonder if they are making enough milk to meet the daily needs of their growing infant.

But that doesn't mean that you ask your gynaecologist or doctor to prescribe you pills to boost your breast milk supply. There are many home remedies that can be found right in your kitchen that work better than medicines.

Today, in the first part of our "Did You Know" series, we'll talk about one such home remedy that is made from a food item that you use everyday in your daal and vegetable curries. We're talking about garlic, which is more commonly known in India as lehsun in India. Here's how garlic can benefit new mothers.

The health benefits of garlic for new mothers

Did you know garlic is a crucial ingredient in many Ayurvedic preparations due to its powerful health benefits? Not only does it possess antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, it also contains a powerful sulphur compound known as allicin.

Studies say that allicin not only helps against heart disease and lowering cholesterol, it also aids in digestion and boosts the immunity. Garlic is also a known galactagogue and studies show that new mothers, who have garlic or lehsun milk, have a better latching experience and the babies breastfeed for a longer time.

A popular study that was published in the journal Paediatrics, published by the American Journal of Paediatrics, showed that the infants who had no exposure to garlic volatiles in their mothers' milk during the experimental period spent significantly more time breastfeeding after their mothers ingested garlic capsules compared with those infants whose mothers repeatedly consumed garlic during the experimental period.

Moreover, the former group of infants spent significantly more time attached to their mothers' breasts during the test session. This is the reason why new mothers in India are often advised to have more of garlic in their diet or even take it garlic milk as a remedy every morning and evening.

How to make it

You will need

  • 8-10 garlic cloves
  • 100ml milk
  • 400ml water
  • Muslin cloth


Take a few(8-10) cloves of garlic and crush them. Take the muslin cloth, keep the crushed garlic cloves on it and make a small potli. Add milk and water to a pan or kadai and immerse the garlic potli in it.

Boil the milk for one hour so that the milk is reduced to half its quantity. This mixture can be taken twice a day after a week of delivery to effectively boost your breast milk supply.

Continue reading on the next page for a step-by-step method of making lehsun milk at home!

Watch this video for a step-by-step video tutorial.

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