Know the 3 A’s that can absolutely ruin a marriage!

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Do you know the 3 A's that can ruin a marriage? Read on to learn more things about what to avoid and what you can do to improve your marriage!

A marriage can be a very strong relationship if you choose to work on it and improve along with your spouse. In some cases, it can be very weak, especially if you don't focus on maintaining your relationship every single day.

Here are the 3 A's to avoid so that you won't ruin your marriage.


This one should be pretty self-explanatory. If either of you in the relationship has an affair, for whatever reason, it would be extremely difficult to make your relationship work. Granted, some couples have gone through the stress of an affair with a newfound respect and understanding for each other, but in most cases, it absolutely destroys relationships.

Trust is one of the hardest things to build up in a relationship, and after something like an affair, it's almost impossible to get that trust back.

Which is why you and your spouse need to absolutely resist the temptation to have an affair. If you have problems in your relationship, work on them together instead of leaning on someone else to deal with the feelings and emotions that you're going through.


Addiction isn't simply limited to drug addiction, as most people usually relate it to that. Addiction has many forms, some people are addicted to gambling, others are addicted to eating, some people are even addicted to sex.

There's a truth to the saying that "too much of anything is bad for you," and the damage that addiction can do to a marriage just goes to show how devastating having an addiction is. Families have been destroyed because of drug addictions;  people have sold their houses, their cars, and even their children's savings just so they can get that next temporary fix.

The recent attack on Resorts World Manila was brought about by the gunman's severe gambling addiction. He was abandoned by his wife and kids, and was left with literally nothing after spending it all in the casino, hoping that somehow, he would win back all the money he lost.

Sex addiction is also a large problem, as people who are addicted to sex usually find that their partners can't keep up with their needs, so they look to other people who can provide their 'fix.'

Even alcohol can be a big problem, especially if it's interfering with your relationships and your work.

If your spouse is showing signs of addiction towards anything, it's best to talk to them about it, and seek help so that they can learn to control their impulses before it ruins your lives.


It's totally normal to feel angry at your spouse sometimes. They might have said or done something to hurt you, or tick you off, or maybe they broke a promise that they said they'll never break. However, being angry to the point that you have thoughts of hurting your spouse, or you feel like you can lose control can be very dangerous.

Here in the Philippines, there are thousands of cases of women being abused and hurt at home, all because their husbands have issues with anger and control. Most of the time, their wives feel so helpless that they just put up with the abuse since they're so scared, or worried that they'll be left all alone if they leave their husbands.

Excessive anger has no place in a healthy and loving relationship. If you feel that you or your spouse has anger issues, then there are therapists and specialists that are able to help you deal with these feelings in a healthier and more constructive way. Take the initiative and work on yourself so that you can work on your relationship and make your marriage an amazing one.

*Republished with permission from theAsianparent Philippines

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