Watch: These kids impressed superstar Aamir Khan with their incredible act

Watch: These kids impressed superstar Aamir Khan with their incredible act

Students of Doon Girls School and the Dehradun Boys School did something incredible that left superstar Aamir Khan spell-bound. Here's what they did

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan is known for his perfectionism. So it's no wonder that when he endorses something, it's ought to be the best. And 'best' is exactly what students of Doon Girls School and the Dehradun Boys School have managed to delivered.

The young students have created the Recycle Rap, which has them rap in unison about how all of us should stop taking the environment for granted and make recycling our priority.

So impressed was Aamir Khan with their efforts that he tweeted about it as soon as he saw the video. He titled his tweet, "Well done Doon Girl's School, & Dehradun Boys School! Good luck Waste Warriors, may the force be with you! Love."

They begin the rap with, "Come on, start recycling. Start today." They go on to talk about the importance of recycling and protecting the environment.

Popularly known as the Waste Warriors, the children are accompanied by street art by two Canadian street artists, Pan Trinity Das and Kyrie Maezumi.

The couple who together form @YOUONLYALWAYS, even shared a picture with the children on Instagram and titled it, "So stoked about this interview we just did with the Canadian Press about our piece with Waste Warriors and this AMAAZING Mini hip hop crew! Aka the dopest kids on the block!! Watch the video if you haven't!!"

You can watch the entire video here:

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