Mums, if you or your kids are abused online, here's how you can raise an alarm!

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Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi has asked all victims of online abuse to use the #IAmTrolledHelp hashtag to raise an alarm via Twitter

This is a move that can potentially save many innocent lives affected by Internet stalking and trolling.

Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi has asked all victims of online abuse to contact her directly, or use the #IAmTrolledHelp hashtag to raise an alarm via Twitter.

This is especially meant for women and children who are either stalked, bullied or trolled by abusers online.

She has also invited women to send her email complaints if they or their children were bullied, stalked or trolled online. But after receiving an overwhelming response from complainants she decided to start this Twitter campaign.

The ministry also announced the same on their Twitter handle with this tweet.

Another way to raise an alarm

Apart from the hashtag that you can use to raise an alarm, you can also contact a cell that the ministry has created. They have formed a separate cell, which will be headed by a joint secretary to monitor such complaints.

This good news comes after the government earlier announced that it intended to work on online abuse.

Legal action for online abusers of women

There have been many cases of online trolling and abuse of women and children. So if you have faced such an issue and feel that you want to go ahead and take a legal course of action, these sections (in pic) can nail the abuser.

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As for your kids, make sure you do not put candid pictures on social media. Also refrain from revealing your and your child’s exact location, to ward off pedophiles or kidnappers.

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