Scary: Video shows kid being rescued seconds before train arrives

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Passengers pull a child to safety in the nick of time saving him from coming under a speeding train

In a rather disturbing video that is doing the rounds on social media, a child is seen being saved in the nick of time from being run over by a Mumbai local train. The incident took place on Sunday on Ambernath railway station, reports DNA.

In the video, a child is seen running across the railway track even as a train comes increasingly close. He was pulled up to safety just in time by alert passengers who were waiting on the platform. It is scary to think what could have happened had the passengers not shown presence of mind.

Watch video here:

Points to remember:

  1. Hold your child’s hands in public areas
  2. Make sure your child knows your phone number so in the event of any emergency, he can contact you.
  3. Tell your child that if he ever happens to get lost in a crowded area, he must approach cops or men in uniforms and never trust strangers.

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