How to keep your baby’s diaper area soft and healthy?

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Say goodbye to baby diaper rashes and keep your baby’s diaper area soft and healthy with these useful tips...

Mums, have you ever experienced that you put to sleep a happy baby at night but the one who wakes up in the morning turns out to be a cranky, wailing baby suffering a diaper rash! Almost all mums have been through this situation at some point in their ‘Mommyhood’ and only really lucky mums have the kind of destiny to never encounter such a situation.

How to keep your baby’s diaper area soft and healthy?

Diaper rashes are one of the most common baby problems. For a mum though, it can prove to be one of her worst nightmares as it can affect the baby in various ways.

What is a diaper rash?

Inflammatory skin conditions that occur in the diaper area are known as diaper rash or diaper dermatitis. According to an article, diaper rashes can be broadly categorized as:

  • Rashes caused by the diapers
  • Rashes that start somewhere else on the body; however, they increase in the diaper area due to the irritation caused by the diapers
  • Rashes appearing in diaper area without the use of a diaper

Furthermore, it also states that the rashes falling in the first category, are primarily recognized as diaper rashes or diaper dermatitis as diaper wearing is the key reason behind these skin inflammatory conditions.

How to keep your baby’s diaper area soft and healthy?

Understanding the causes behind occurrence of diaper rashes can be a significant key to decoding this mystery. Once you know these causes it is easy to keep this monster off your little angel. Mostly a combination of different factors will lead to diaper dermatitis.

Here are some significant reasons that may lead to a diaper rash…

  • Anatomy

    The diaper area is characterized by many folds and creases creating different layers of the skin. As a result, the cleaning of this area becomes difficult leading to other problems that can result in occurrence of rashes.  
  • Wetness

    At times, if the diaper area is not properly dried before putting on the diaper or if it isn’t changed for long, the wetness can lead to rashes. In addition, using the diaper increases the skin wetness and pH levels. pH stands for the concentration of hydrogen ion in the body that determines whether the body type is acidic, alkaline or neutral in nature. Wetness that stays for long duration causes softening, called as ‘maceration’ of the protective layer of the skin also known as ‘stratum corneum’.  
  • Friction

    As opposed to wetness, a drop in hydration levels is another reason for diaper rashes. According to the studies conducted in the late 1980s, it was observed that after the usage of diapers with super absorbent core started, the skin hydration level became considerably low. The problem has continued as per some recent studies. The outer, protective skin layer becomes more susceptible to damage and leads to friction which, in turn, causes rashes in this area.  
  • Urine and feces

    The urine and fecal interaction is in itself an irritant to the baby’s tender skin covered with diapers. Apart from this an increase in pH helps in activation of the main irritants, that is, fecal enzymes called proteases and lipases. If the baby is suffering from diarrhea, then the activity of these enzymes gets further accelerated.

How to keep your baby’s diaper area soft and healthy?

With basic care and precautions, you can protect your baby from the nappy rash monster and save yourself the trauma of seeing your baby in pain. Resorting to proper diapering practices and good skin care for the baby, is mostly sufficient to avoid this problem.

Mums, make these simple tips part of your routine with your tot to keep the rashes away and your baby’s skin soft and healthy


  • Diapering tips

    A few important tips that you must keep in mind when using diapers for your baby are:How to keep your baby’s diaper area soft and healthy?
    1. Change your baby’s diapers frequently, every 2 hours is advisable.
    2. Give diaper free time to your baby as many times as you can throughout the day.
    3. Choose right sized diapers and avoid the use of ill-fitting ones that are too tight or too loose. 


  • Baby skin care tips

    Caring for your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin, especially the diaper area, is extremely important. Here are a few skin care essentials you must follow: 1. Proper cleaning of diaper area

    Mums, avoid scrubbing your baby’s diaper area when cleaning him or her of urine or poop. Scrubbing can affect the tender skin, either making it more vulnerable to rashes or triggering one if the skin is already extra sensitive.

    For cleansing purpose, ensure that you are using lukewarm water with mild soaps and soft cloth or hygienic baby wipes.  2. Keeping the diaper area dry, yet not exposed to friction

    Enough dryness that would not lead to friction is essential as wetness as well as irritation can both lead to nappy rashes.

Here’s why Baby Dove Rich Moisture Range is perfect for keeping your baby’s diaper area soft and healthy

How to keep your baby’s diaper area soft and healthy?

  • pH neutral formula: The Rich Moisture Range products are equipped with a pH neutral formula that keeps the skin in its natural condition. The Baby Dove Rich Moisture Diaper Rash Cream instantly neutralizes the pH if it is not in balance. The Rich Moisture Bar, available in 2 variants, is mild, delicate on sensitive baby skin and leaves it soft and supple.How to keep your baby’s diaper area soft and healthy?
  • Hypoallergenic and tested by experts: The Baby Dove products are great to reduce allergy risks in babies as they are hypoallergenic and various experts such as dermatologists, pediatricians, and ophthalmologists have tested them under strict guidelines. The Baby Wipes are alcohol-free and one of the best choices to clean the diaper area as they are as gentle as water on your baby’s skin.How to keep your baby’s diaper area soft and healthy?
  • Moisturization and soothing effect: Enhanced with moisturizing cream, Baby Dove products are gentle on your baby’s tender skin. The Rich Moisture Baby Wipes instantly moisturizes your baby’s skin, thus soothing the diaper area. The Diaper Rash cream is specially developed for baby’s skin and it spreads and wipes easily and the best part is that you can even use it on a daily basis. It soothes irritations and redness instantly making your baby feel comfortable.

Both Baby Dove Rich Moisture Wipes and Baby Dove Rich Moisture Diaper Rash Cream can be used for newborns and are a mum’s perfect partners in caring for her little one’s diaper area.

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How to keep your baby’s diaper area soft and healthy?

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