Karnataka teen mum gives birth to India's heaviest baby girl, weighing 6.8 kilos!

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Nandini and her husband Arun, have been married for over two years and were excited to welcome their first child, the unnamed baby girl

Meet India’s biggest and heaviest ever baby girl!

Born to a woman in Karnataka, this baby girl is the heaviest in India. Weighing 6.8kg, the unnamed baby is as heavy as a six-month-old baby.

The baby was born to teen mum Nandini on May 23, via a cesarean section at a local healthcare facility in Hassan.

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Speaking to the press, Dr Venkatesh Raju, the local health officer, said, “In my 25 years of experience, I had never seen such a big baby. She is a miracle. I believe she is not only the heaviest baby born in India but the heaviest baby girl ever born in the world. I had personally gone to see her. She is a beautiful gift of God. I am happy that she is doing well.”

The girl who is yet to be given a name surprised her family and the medics by her sheer enormity.

heaviest baby

Image Courtesy: Caters News Agency

Nandini, who herself is only 19, but weighs 94 kg and is 5’9’’ tall, reportedly had a smooth pregnancy. In fact, she didn’t have diabetes or high sugar levels, which is the primary cause of overweight babies.

Continue reading to see what the doctors are planning for this brand new baby.

Her newborn cherubic baby is currently kept in the neonatal care unit of the hospital, and will be discharged after the doctors observe her for some days.

Dr Poornima Manu, gynaecologist who delivered the baby said: ‘She came as a big surprise for all of us. The surgery took place for nearly half an hour and it was free of any risk. She is really big and beautiful.”

heaviest baby

Dr Manu added, “She does not have any health issues like irregular sugar levels or thyroid and is breathing well. We were initially concerned about her sugar levels but that is normal.”

‘The mother had made regular visits for check-ups at the hospital and never showed signs of gestational diabetes or thyroid disorders.”

Nandini and her husband Arun, have been married for over two years and were excited to welcome their first child. Now that she is here, the overjoyed parents are looking forward to bring her home soon. 

Other babies who held the record

Nandini is not the first Indian woman to deliver a heavy baby. Last year in November, another Indian woman Firdous Khatun, from Orai, Uttar Pradesh, had given birth to a baby boy weighing 6.69 kg.

While he was the heaviest baby born till date, Nandini’s baby has tipped the scales in her favour.

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(News Source: Daily Mail Online | Image Courtesy: Caters News Agency)

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