Karnataka Billionaire's extravagant LCD wedding invite might be the costliest ever!

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Shah Rukh Khan, Prabhudeva, Tamannah and Katrina Kaif may perform at the wedding on November 16.

Yes, we know Indians are known to be over generous when it comes to spending money on family weddings, but this particular wedding invite has left us appalled!

Clearly, some people just over do it and so did Karnataka mining baron Gali Janardhan Reddy. His daughter's wedding invite is breaking the internet this week as it comes with an LCD screen that plays a music video when the wedding invite box is opened! The Hindustan Times reports, that it could be the costliest wedding invite ever!

For the uninitiated, Reddy is an ex-BJP member who has spent a considerable time behind bars as well due to his connection with the Bellary illegal mining case.


The music video has the whole Reddy family lip syncing a Kannada song and includes the bride-to-be Brahmani and her groom Rajeev Reddy. The music video was specially composed for the wedding invite.


The video begins with the Reddy couple inviting their friends and family to the wedding of their daughter. The bride-to-be and the groom-to-be then make a Bollywood-style entry with galloping horses and picturesque locals in the backdrop.

The video looks straight out of a Rajshri film with Reddy acting as a typical family patriarch, perhaps he had some acting dreams harboured at the back of his mind.


The couple's engagement last month was also a lavish affair and the wedding invite is a curtain-raiser to the grand wedding that will happen in November.

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The Hindustan Times also reports that Bollywood big-wigs would also be in attendance to bless the bride and groom. Shah Rukh Khan, Prabhudeva, Tamannah and Katrina Kaif may perform at the wedding, which is scheduled for November 16.

Watch the whole video to see how the wedding invite appears in reality! Only if half the money spent on the wedding invite was donated to the needy who don't even have two proper meals a day!

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