Stepmom Priya Sachdev posts adorable pics of Karisma Kapoor's kids with dad Sanjay

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Karisma Kapoor's kids are seen hanging out with their dad quite often these days. Perhaps the gorgeous mother is following the footsteps of her close friend Malaika Arora and ensuring that her divorce does not emotionally affect her kids. 

More and more divorced couples these days are taking substantial steps to make sure that their kids remain unaffected by their separation. Case in point is Karisma Kapoor's kids, who are seen hanging out with their dad quite often these days.

Following the footsteps of her close friend Malaika Arora, Karisma Kapoor is also ensuring that her separation does not emotionally affect her kids. This is why Karisma along with husband Sanjay Kapur are making conscious moves to make their kids feel secure and loved.

Karisma Kapoor's kids spend time with dad Sanjay

While Karisma did have a messy divorce, things have changed quite a bit after it was finalised. Reports say that both kids, Samaira and Kiaan, are spending more time with their father Sanjay Kapur.

Sanjay recently married ex-model Priya Sachdev and this weekend his kids were with him in Delhi. So stepmom Priya took it as an excellent opportunity to share some adorable moments of the family together.

Check out the pics that Priya shared on Instagram:


What caught our attention was how quickly both Samaira and Kiaan have grown up. While Samaira looks like a fine young lady now, Kiaan looks dapper in a suit.


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It's good to see that both Sanjay and Karisma are making efforts to stick together as a family. The ex-couple was also seen heading for lunch with their younger one Kian a couple of days back.


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3 rules for co-parenting well after a divorce

Co-parenting can be challenging, however, the following rules can help you sail through these tricky waters:

1.Plan well: Communication is of utmost importance so that you can plan well. This would help you decide how you would be spending your time as a family after you get divorced.

2.Be respectful: Don't let the bitterness of your relationships affect the fact that these are your kids. Respect your spouse and be courteous to each other to maintain an atmosphere of harmony.

3.Talk directly to your ex: Do not let your kids be your messenger and communicate things directly to your ex. This will make sure that the negativity stays away.

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