Karisma Kapoor's ex-husband Sunjay Kapur all set to get married for the third time!

Karisma Kapoor's ex-husband Sunjay Kapur all set to get married for the third time!

Know all the details about Sanjay Kapur's third marriage here!

After rumours of a new man in Karisma Kapoor's life, comes the news of her ex-husband Sanjay Kapur, who is all set to get married for the third time. Yes, that's right.

For those who don't know Sunjay Kapur was already divorced from Nandita Mahatani before he married Karisma Kapoor in a lavish ceremony at the famous RK Studios in Chembur, Mumbai in 2003. The ex-couple has two grown up kids Samaira and Kiaan currently and Karisma is taking care of them both.

Much was written about the messy divorce between Sunjay and Karisma with both sides saying that the couple married each other only for money and publicity. While Karisma said that she was repeatedly abused as a  wife and a daughter-in-law, Sunjay said that she used their kids as pawns and didn't let him and his family meet that that often.


The couple finally got divorced in 2016 and since then Karisma is staying with her mother Babita and her kids.

"From day one, I was against Karisma marrying Sunjay. The whole world knows what kind of people they are. The fact that my daughter is getting a divorce is because we are not happy with that family. This third-class behaviour is expected only from a third-class person like Sunjay, "Randhir Kapoor had said at the time of the divorce.

But it looks like Sunjay has gotten over the heartbreak and trauma and is all set to get married to his rumoured girlfriend Priya Sachdev in an extremely private ceremony in New York next month. Priya is a former model and is best known for being married to US hotelier Vikram Chatwal.


As per reports, the wedding would be a private civil wedding in New York and only their family and extremely close friends and invited for the quiet celebrations. The couple has already made their travel plans for New York and would be flying out of India soon.

Introducing your kids to your new partner...

While it's sure a happy moment for the couple, there is also not denying that the most to be affected by Sunjay's marriage would be his kids, Samaira and Kiaan. A change in the relationship status of either parent can affect the kids emotionally and mentally and both parents need to make sure that the kids take the change positively.

1. Let them take time: Giving your kids time to adapt to the new changes is the best thing you can do as a parent. Don't push them to do something they are not open to and at the same time do no also hide things from them.

2. Don't ignore them: Kids get affected the most if they feel that they are being neglected or ignored after the new person has entered their lives. This is why parents should make extra sure that the kids don't feel insecure and neglected at any time.

3. Give them all the time you have: Spending more time with your kids would make them feel secure and loved and perhaps you would also get the opportunity to open up to them and explain things to them in detail.

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