Karisma Kapoor's daughter Samaira Kapoor has certainly inherited her mother's grace

Karisma Kapoor's daughter Samaira Kapoor has certainly inherited her mother's grace

Karisma Kapoor's daughter Samaira has certainly taken after her mum and emulates the same grace and poise.

While the whole country celebrated Diwali in their own unique style, Indian celebrities were not far behind. Be it the amazing Bachchan Diwali bash or the low-key Aamir Khan Diwali soiree, stars descended all over Mumbai.

But there were few who preferred to keep it low-key and celebrate it with their near and dear ones, and one among them was mum Karisma Kapoor. She spent the special night of festivities with her kids Samaira Kapoor, 12, and Kiaan Raj Kapoor, 6, at her home in Mumbai.

The three even posed for a special family picture together and were seen donning bespoke Anita Dongre ensembles.

Karisma Kapoor's daughter is as graceful as mum!

But what really caught our attention was the grace and poise of Karisma's daughter. Although she looks a lot like her father, Samaira sure has the makings of a graceful young lady, just like her mother.

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While the two young star kids are the fifth generation of the Kapoor khandaan, and that in itself can be quite daunting, the real challenge has been faced by their mum, actor Karisma.

Not only has her personal life been a bit tumultuous, due to her painful and long divorce to former husband Sanjay Kapur, but also because she has been raising her two kids as a single working mother. No wonder then she has always called 'motherhood' the most challenging role she has ever done.

But over the years, Karisma has mastered the art of single parenting and it's something that she has shared in her book The Yummy Mummy Guide.

Golden rules of survival as a single mother

As a single parent of two young children, Karisma has had to deal with several challenges, prime among them has been to make up for an absent spouse.

And while her fans speculated how she did it, she poured her heart out in her tell-all and shared some nuggets of her wisdom.

  • Avoid overindulgence: In her book, Karisma explains that she avoids overindulgence, especially to make up for an absent partner and father of her two kids. She explains how she sets certain rules and timings and does not buy things for her kids on a whim.

Karisma Kapoor's daughter and son keep her honest

  • Be honest with kids: Karisma says that she is always honest with her daughter Samaira and son Kiaan and advises that one must tell their kids that the parents are no longer together, if that's the case.

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Karisma Kapoor's daughter knows how to be obedient

  • Don't keep any expectations: Another piece of advice she shares is that, one must never have too many expectations from their partners, especially if they are estranged. Let them realise their responsibility on their own. If they don't, then you must move on.
  • Don't suddenly try to be friends: Do not try to make your own children your best friends to confide in them about your marital woes. Let them enjoy their innocence and do not expect them to take sides.

Well, with these nuggets to wisdom we are positive her kids are learning all good things from their yummy-mummy. In fact, they are also very practical ideas for parents going through a divorce or those who have been separated.

Perhaps more people can take a cue from Karisma and learn to truly let go and move on.

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