THIS is how bahu Kareena is taking the legacy of mum-in-law Sharmila Tagore ahead

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"We are looking forward to the arrival of the baby. My brother (Saif) has experienced it before, so, I am more excited for Kareena," shared Soha Ali Khan, the doting bua-to-be

Over the past few months, mum-to-be Kareena Kapoor Khan has given us ample reasons to fall in love with her all over again. Whether it is advocating work during pregnancy, or embracing the bump or going the desi way when it comes to pregnancy nutrition.

She has always been the talk of the town and for all the right reasons, a trait that she shares with her mother-in-law, the gracious Sharmila Tagore; or so notes sister-in-law Soha Ali Khan.

While speaking at a recently concluded event in the National Capital, sister-in-law Soha spilled the beans about her thoughts on bhabhi Kareena's pregnancy.

She shared that Kareena was in a way taking the legacy of her own mother forward by working throughout her pregnancy, something most Indian mothers also do.

“I am glad the way Kareena has been making trends much like how my mother did years ago as she worked till the eighth month of her pregnancy," she said.

She also explained why she thought it was more of a trend, especially for artists and people in the limelight. She shared, "I think we aren’t used to see actors in present times working so late in their pregnancy."

She also expressed her happiness at the thought of becoming a bua for the third time and revealed that she was far more happy for bhabhi Kareena, for whom this is the first pregnancy.

"We are looking forward to the arrival of the baby. My brother (Saif) has experienced it before, so, I am more excited for Kareena," revealed the doting bua-to-be.

She also revealed her own plans of starting a family and shared something quite interesting about extending her brood.

Continue reading to see when bua-to-be Soha Ali Khan plans to start her own family.

Soha Ali Khan to start a family soon?

The outspoken Soha also spoke about her plans to start her own family with husband and fellow actor Kunal Kemmu. According to the actor, couple who got married just 1.5 years back are currently enjoying their honeymoon period and may not have an immediate plan. Here's why.

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"Oh! Not yet. It’s been just a year and half of marriage, things are going pretty good. In terms of future plans, those are things which are a little bit personal, we will discuss with my family and when the time is right, we will let you know," she shared.

Well it seems that the Kemmu's are in no hurry to expand their brood and have more members joining in since they are rejoicing in their present. However, as Soha mentioned, it is a decision that needs more than just a desire to be a parent.

5 things to remember before you start a family

You have to consider various other things if you want to become parents. Here are a few that you must keep in mind before starting a family.

  • Being on the same page: Having a baby is a big responsibility and not one to be taken lightly. So it shouldn't be a whimsical decision either. Only if the couple is on the same page, should they proceed to go ahead with the pregnancy. You should both be in a place in your relationship where the next step of starting a family should feel organic and not pressured due to the family.
  • Being financially ready: Couples must be financially ready to bear the costs and expenses of having a baby, which may include not just the hospital and baby care costs, but also the need to shift to a new place or a new city! Chalk out a financial plan before you have a baby to know if you can handle emergency expenses (read C-section).
  • Being able to balance work-life: In case both of you are working, you should be able to figure out how and when you plan to leave the baby to a nursery or to a nanny. You also need to hire help if you do not have family members who can lend help. You also need to figure out how much time you want to take off to raise your baby and so on.
  • Having some time with the partner: Once you have a baby, all your attention, love and affection will automatically shift more towards your little bundle of joy, and why not! But that also means you will have to work extra hard on your marriage and relationship. So figure out how you want to go about it with your partner and share your concern and feelings with each other.
  • Dealing with emergencies: Being a new parent means that you will have to deal with several baby related emergencies, some you never thought could exist. But it also means you will experience new things and grow along as a parent. You will have to learn to take it all in your stride and trust us, it will be more enjoyable that way.

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