Kareena reveals how Taimur has become the REAL reason for a tiff with hubby Saif

Kareena reveals how Taimur has become the REAL reason for a tiff with hubby Saif

New parents Kareena and Saif have been fighting with each other over Taimur. Here's the real problem.

The six-month-old Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi is perhaps the cutest kid on the block. With his chubby cheeks, an adorable pout and those gorgeous eyes, he has become the darling of the media and his parents cannot stop gushing over him.

But while everything looks absolutely perfect from the outside and Kareena and Saif seem like the ideal parents; the reality is far from it.

"Saif and I  keep arguing"

It seems that the super cute Taimur has become a subject of a tiff between his parents. And this surprising fact came to light when mum Kareena revealed the truth.

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During a chat show interaction Kareena said that one bone of contention between the parents is to identify who Taimur looks and behaves more like. Is he a true blue Kapoor or a Pataudi?

The argument is simple!

"Every month [with Taimur] is going to be different. I think he is a perfect mix of Saif and me, more so like me, of a Kapoor, I think so. I think he looks exactly like my dad, because I think I look like my dad. He is more like my dad," said the doting new mum sharing her exact fight with hubby Saif.

"Of course, then Saif and I keep arguing that he is more like a Pataudi and I am like no, he is like a Kapoor. But of course his gorgeous seas blue eyes which he has taken from my grandfather and Lolo and that is amazing. I think it's going to be a beautiful journey," she said.

It's so cute that Bebo and Saif are arguing over who Taimur has from, this is one discussion that many new parents indulge in!

But there is one more argument that was more serious between the royal couple.

A serious difference of opinion between Bebo and Saif

While Bebo wasn't too keen to put Taimur on display for everybody to see, Saif advised her otherwise. This reportedly even became a major argument for the two. But better sense prevailed and they made a decision Saif recently described as 'safe.'

Taimur who was recently seen accompanying mum to Tusshar Kapoor's son's first birthday waved to the photographers and pouted for the cameras. But this was a planned move by his parents for a very specific reason.

Saif explained, "For me, it was not about superstition, it was about safety. The paparazzi culture is getting really bad. They are always outside our home. But it isn’t as bad as it is abroad. It will only get there for sure. They will get the picture anyway sooner or later. The more you hide, the more aggressive they will get. I wanted to avoid that push and shove. It’s better to give them that pic. I told Bebo to hold his hand and make him wave to the photographers. Also, I feel, why should Taimur be treated any different from other children out there. People put up their baby pictures."

We agree with you Saif. But even though as excited new parents you may want to post lots of pictures of your little bub, you must be careful of what goes out in public.

Because sometimes your one picture can pose a grave threat to your baby.

3 pictures of your baby you must avoid posting on social media

  • When your baby is undressed or bathing: While your kid is enjoying his bath time (read naked) in a tub, sudsing up to a soap bar might be a cute moment to remember, it's certainly not a good idea to post pictures of naked kids on the Internet. You may find these adorable, but peadophiles don't. It's an opportunity for them to indulge in child pornography.
  • When your baby is potty training: How and when your child learns to do his business should not be anybody else's business. Do you really want your child to see emNew barrassing pictures of themselves in the future? It's also not a good practice to share such intimate moments with people online. Remember, whatever you share online lasts forever!
  • When your baby is unwell: Avoid posting pictures of your child, especially when they are unwell. As parents, its our job to protect and safeguard our children from harm's way and not take advantage of them. Would you want somebody to take a selfie with you when you are unwell? Probably not. Apply the same principle for your kids and spare them that resting time.

For more, read: Stranger Danger: 7 pictures of your baby you must NEVER post on social media

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