OMG! Kareena prioritses Taimur over her career and makes a life-changing decision

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Wow! This will shock most of her fans

New mum Kareena Kapoor Khan has always reiterated that she would never stop working, nor is she interested in taking too much time off work. But she has finally done the unthinkable.

And it seems her son Taimur is behind the change in her perception. Yes, that's correct.

While Bebo trying new weight-loss techniques as a preparation for her next movie Veerey Di Wedding; she recently announced that her days of constant work are over, thanks to her son.

In a strange turn of events, Kareena has decided to slow down on professional front, choosing to spend more time with her son. She now wants to select one assignment per year and dedicate the rest of the time to Taimur.

In fact, a source close to the new mum told DNA, "Kareena is a very hands-on mom and she loves being with Taimur. She has decided to only pick great stories and wants to make sure that despite doing her films, she gets enough time to spend with Taimur. So as of now, Bebo might do just one film every year."

This recent development, while still on the lines of her previous statement, shows that Taimur is after all more important to Kareena than her work at the moment.

So while she will try to manage both, as she mentioned earlier, Kareena's focus now will be to strike the right balance between baby and work.

Balancing Taimur and work together

“I have always balanced my work and my marriage. People thought that I wouldn’t, and I did. I am going to continue to do that. I think women know how to multi-task. Today, you see working women out there. If you have a family, if you have a child... It doesn’t mean you are home-bound. Of course, there is time for that and work," she said in an interview a few weeks post Taimur's birth.

Interestingly, this new development brings to light an important topic of discussion that has haunted working Indian mother for years- "Should I feel guilty about leaving my baby behind for work?"

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And just like Kareena managed to normalise pregnancy, we are sure she will be able to champion this cause too. In the meanwhile, if you are struggling with this dilemma too, here's our two cents on the subject.

Message to working mums: Stop feeling so guilty!

While Kareena may have two nannies to take care of her baby, she has chosen to be present with her son as much as she can. There is no shame in that, just as there is no shame in hiring a nanny.

Both work on the same principle- if you can afford this choice, make it. There is no need to feel guilty or pressured by what others might think. After all you are the mother and only you know what's best for your baby.

But if this is not convincing enough, here's why we think you should never feel guilty about deciding to work or not to work after a baby.

  • It's your baby: First up, you are the mother and you know what works for you and your baby. Whether it is staying home or going back to work, both the decisions rest on your comfort and need. Always remember that your baby will never judge you for the decisions you make, it's those around you with opinions who may try to bog you down. So do as you please because your baby will love irrespective of whether you choose to stay home or follow your dreams.
  • It's your husband's baby too: There is no better way to say that most new fathers get away with the responsibility of rearing a child simply because of their gender. Of course it's unfair. But of course, this is the freedom we have accorded to them. This baby is not just yours, it's also your husband's and he is equally responsible for taking care of him. So talk it out and consult amongst each other to come to best solution for your baby and yourself.
  • Simply lower your bar: No new parent will be given the title of 'best parents of the world' except by their own kids. So stop trying to be a supermom or a superdad. After all you want to raise happy, healthy and confident children and that can only happen if we try to incorporate these qualities in ourselves.

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