Kareena Kapoor Khan's Tee speaks to all of us mums!

Kareena Kapoor Khan's Tee speaks to all of us mums!

Kareena wore a black t-shirt that had ‘I'm a Mess’ boldly emblazoned on it.

When you see Bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor jutting in and out of the gyms looking flawless or attending social gatherings often with son Taimur in tow one feels she is living the ideal super mum life.

I mean not only her post baby fat seems to be melting faster than butter on a hot summer day she also looks a pro in managing the myriad maddening moments that mommyhood brings along.

But just before we began seriously doubting our abilities, new mum Kareena Kapoor showed up in a cheeky tee, which well, summed up the state of mind of all new mums out there just perfectly.

Kareena wore a black t-shirt that had ‘ I'm a Mess’ boldly emblazoned on it. Thus serving an important reminder to all about what becomes of our lives for many days, months, even years after our bub’s arrival.

Now while a baby brings along joys that a mum may have never discovered before but between those diaper duties, night vigils, feeding, cleaning, bathing and then repeating the same in robotic regularities many other things in life simple go for a toss.

In a fun way, while Kareena’s tee admits this fact it also reassures that celebs with all their privileges must be feeling overwhelmed too and well it says another more important thing – that it’s okay if your life feels like a mess during the new mum phase.

The wiser way to deal with it is to realize that everything cannot be perfect at a given time and sometimes you should just let life be. Instead of losing your cool, trying to micro manage everything, its better to chill even while the laundry remains undone or you may be counting days (err.. week) since you last washed your hair!

Here we give all new mums a few reasons to chill, even though your house may look like as if a Godzilla just passed it by turning everything upside down

1. Cut down on stress: As a new mum you will inevitably be stressing about many things. No matter what the doctor tells you or what the well wishers guide you through your mind will find that one reason to stress about – low milk supply, baby not latching, your scar not healing well… or something such as this.

Amongst all of this do you really think worrying about the growing pile of un ironed clothes is even a thing to worry? You have a lifetime to iron and re-iron if you please all of your clothes, so for right now just relax. When you catch a moment indulge in a dessert even as you see a mountain of clothes in front of you. Believe us, it’s totally worth it!

2. Pamper yourself: When your baby behaves a certain day and chooses to enjoy a long daytime nap, do not and we stress do not rush to the kitchen to check how the maids are making merry now that your attention is diverted. A shelf nit cleaned when it was due or a dal left slightly uncooked is not life altering moments.

But what you are experiencing right now indeed is. If you can ask the maid to relax from her half-hearted kitchen duties and give you a back rub instead.

3. Make moments to cherish: Your baby will not wear those diapers forever neither will they be eating while feeding everything from their hair to clothes forever (are bibs are most unsuccessful invention ever?) Instead of crying over these, laugh about it.

Yes, seems tough that moment but believe us the memories of bananas smeared on your baby’s head will crack you up later in life when one day you will be remembering the days sitting somewhere in a corner decades later.

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